• What are GRI Standards?

    Consolidated set of standards for preparing sustainability reports of the Global Reporting Initiative, the purpose of which is to serve as a guide in the preparation of public reports on the economic, environmental and social impacts of organisations, and thus their contributions (positive or negative) to the goal of Sustainable Development. See "Non-Financial Information Statement - Sustainability Report".
  • What is General Shareholders' Meeting?

    Meeting at which the shareholders can decide on the matters within their purview by the majority established by law or in the by-laws.
  • What is Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World?

    Index that recognises the 100 most sustainable companies in the world, compiled by the Canadian magazine specialised in corporate social responsibility Corporate Knights. IBERDROLA is one of the one hundred international companies selected to form part of this index.

  • What is Global Reporting Initiative's G3 Standard?

    First global standard for the preparation of sustainability reports of companies that wish to evaluate their economic, environmental and social performance.
  • What is Global Roundtable on Climate Change?

    Organisation dedicated to the debate and analysis of key economic, technological and scientific strategies in the fight against climate change. IBERDROLA is the only Spanish electricity company among the founding members.
  • What is Global warming?

    A term that refers to the gradual increase in the average global temperature that has been occurring since the end of the 19th century (beginning of the industrial era) as a result of the growing emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs) from various economic and industrial activities.
  • What is Good Governance Code of Listed Companies?

    Document approved by the CNMV on 18 February 2015 that contains the good governance recommendations with respect to which listed companies in Spain must report their level of compliance in their annual corporate governance report.
  • What is Greenhouse effect?

    Process by which the heat coming from the surface of the earth is absorbed by gases in the atmosphere (see "Greenhouse Gases") and re-radiated in all directions, which causes an increase in the surface temperature of the atmosphere. Although it is a natural effect of our planet, it has increased due to the increase in emissions of these gases, causing global warming.

  • What is Greenhouse gas emissions?

    In the climate change context, emissions refer to the release of greenhouse gases and/or their precursors and aerosols into the atmosphere over a specified area and period of time.
  • What are Greenhouse gases (GHGs)?

    Gases in the atmosphere that can retain heat radiating from the Earth outward, which therefore accentuate the greenhouse effect that triggers climate change.

    Carbon dioxide (CO2) plays a leading role because it is one of the gases for which emissions have increased the most in recent decades and because it lasts for a long time in the atmosphere (50-100 years), for which reason it is particularly influential as a GHG. The temperature is approximately 15º C thanks to the "natural" greenhouse effect produced by CO2, water vapour and methane. The problem arises from the accentuation of this greenhouse effect by the gradual increase in emissions of CO2 and other GHGs due to human economic and industrial activities.

  • What is Group of companies?

    Group of companies in which one of them (the controlling company) holds or may hold, whether directly or indirectly, control of one or more other companies (the dependent companies).

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