• Increase in share capital
    Resolution adopted by the shareholders at the General Shareholders' Meeting or, if applicable, by the management decision-making body in exercise of powers granted or delegated thereto by the shareholders, in order to increase capital through the conversion of reserves into capital or the provision of fresh funds. See "Share capital".
    Spanish: Aumento de capital
  • Inside information
    All information of a specific nature that directly or indirectly refers to the Company, to any of the companies making up the Group, or to their respective negotiable securities, which has not been made public and which, if it is or has been made public, might appreciably influence or have influenced the listing price of such securities on a market or organised trading system.
    Spanish: Información privilegiada
  • Installed capacity
    Volume of production that can be obtained with the available infrastructure.
    Spanish: Capacidad instalada
  • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
    Created in 1988 by the World Meteorological Organisation and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). It is formed by a group of experts, divided into various working groups, whose goal is to provide scientific, technical and socio-economic information in order to better understand human-induced climate change, its impacts and the mitigation and adaptation options. One of its primary activities is the periodic publication of the advances made in the understanding of climate change. More information:
    Spanish: Panel Intergubernamental sobre cambio climático (IPCC)
  • Interim appointment
    If vacancies occur on the Board of Directors and there are no alternates, the Board of Directors may designate from among the shareholders the person who is to fill any such vacancy. The appointment must be ratified by the shareholders at the General Shareholders' Meeting.
    Spanish: Nombramiento por cooptación
  • Interim dividends
    Amounts distributed to the shareholders as an advance payment of the expected final profit.
    Spanish: Cantidades a cuenta del dividendo
  • Internal Corporate Governance Rules
    Documents embodying the guidelines for action applicable to the main corporate governance bodies of IBERDROLA, S.A.
    Spanish: Normas internas de gobierno corporativo
  • Internal Regulations for Conduct in the Securities Markets
    Set of rules established in order to govern the management and control of non-public information, the transparent disclosure of significant information, the performance and communication by affected persons of transactions in securities of the Company and its Group, the conduct of treasury stock transactions, and the detection and treatment of conflicts of interest.
    Spanish: Reglamento interno de conducta en los Mercados de Valores
  • Internal Rules for the Processing of Information
    Set of rules governing the management, control, and internal and external transmission of inside information, regardless of its location, format, or means of transmission, in order to protect the interests of shareholders and investors and to prevent and avoid any instance of misuse.
    Spanish: Normas internas para el tratamiento de la información privilegiada
  • Internal Rules on Composition and Duties of the Operating Committee
    See ?Operating Committee?.
    Spanish: Norma interna sobre composición y funciones del Comité Operativo
  • Investor Relations Office
    Department charged with the task of dealing on a regular and individual basis with the questions of analysts and institutional and qualified investors in equities, fixed-income securities, and socially responsible investments.
    Spanish: Oficina de Relaciones con Inversores
  • Investor's Agenda
    Calendar setting forth the dates for presentation of results and the main events at IBERDROLA, S.A., allowing access to both the direct and recorded broadcast thereof and other information of interest to shareholders and investors.
    Spanish: Agenda del inversor
  • Investors Quarterly Report
    Operational and financial information that IBERDROLA, S.A. provides to analysts and investors.
    Spanish: Boletín Trimestral de Información a Inversores
  • Issuance of securities
    Resolution adopted by the shareholders at the General Shareholders' Meeting of IBERDROLA, S.A. or, as the case may be, by the Board of Directors upon a prior delegation of powers by the shareholders, in order to place into circulation and make available to the public homogeneous negotiable securities for subscription. See "Negotiable securities".
    Spanish: Emisión de valores
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