• What is Official Bulletin of the Commercial Registry?

    Official journal in which all events, announcements and legal notices of commercial companies are published as required by law. The electronic issue of the Official Bulletin of the Commercial Registry is published on the website (Spanish version) with the same effects that are legally attributed to the printed edition thereof.
    Spanish: Boletín Oficial del Registro Mercantil
  • What is Optional dividend?

    Remuneration system that allows shareholders to receive bonus shares of the company, with favourable tax treatment, without limiting their ability to receive the dividend in cash. IBERDROLA offers this option to its shareholders through the "Iberdrola Flexible Remuneration" optional dividend system.
    Spanish: Dividendo opcional
  • What is Ordinary share?

    Security granting the same rights to all holders thereof, as is the case with the shares issued by IBERDROLA. Ordinary shares carry no preferential rights, as opposed to preferred shares.
    Spanish: Acción ordinaria
  • What is Other External Director?

    A director who is not an executive director and who also does not fit the description of a proprietary or independent director.
    Spanish: Otro consejero externo
  • What are Own shares or treasury shares?

    Shares of a company derivatively acquired by the company itself or through companies belonging to the same group.
    Spanish: Acciones propias o autocartera
  • What are Ownership of shares?

    Title whereby the holder of the shares acquires the rights and becomes subject to the obligations inherent to such shares.
    Spanish: Titularidad de la acción
  • What is Ozone Layer?

    Region of the stratosphere that absorbs 87% to 99% of high frequency ultraviolet radiation. It is weakened by the emission of chlorofluorocarbons present in industrial refrigerants and propellants and soil fungicides.
    Spanish: Capa de Ozono
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