• What is Reduction in share capital?

    Resolution adopted by the shareholders at a general shareholders' meeting that entails a reduction in the nominal value of the shares, the redemption of shares, or the formation of a pool in order to exchange them, and the purpose of which may be to return contributions, cancel capital calls, create or increase reserves, re-establish equilibrium between the capital and the assets of the Company diminished due to losses, or several of such purposes simultaneously.
  • What are Regulated activities?

    Activities carried out by energy and gas companies that are subject to regulation, such as the distribution and transmission of electricity and gas in the principal countries in which the companies of the Iberdrola group operate these businesses: Spain, United Kingdom, United States and Brazil.
  • What is Regulated company?

    A company carrying out regulated activities. See "Regulated activities".
  • What are Related-party transactions?

    Any transfer of funds, services or obligations between a company and its directors, significant shareholders, senior officers or their respective related parties, regardless of the existence of consideration. As a listed company, IBERDROLA must quantify these transactions in the half-yearly public information that it submits to the CNMV and in its Annual Corporate Governance Report with the scope required by applicable legal provisions.
  • What is Renewable energy?

    Sustainable sources of energy obtained from natural sources that are inexhaustible within a short time frame compared to the natural cycles of the Earth (or that are perceived as inexhaustible within conceivable timescales) These are then divided into:

    Non-carbon-based technologies:
    - Solar power, wind power, geothermal: alternative energies based on the sun, wind and the Earth's heat.
    - Hydro, tidal and wave energy: coming from rivers, ocean bodies and wave action.

    Carbon-neutral technologies:
    - Those obtained from biomass, which can be used directly as fuel (wood or other solid vegetation) or converted into bioethanol, biogas or biodiesel.

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  • What is Result attributed to the controlling company?

    Portion of the consolidated result after taxes and minority interests that belongs to the holders of ordinary shares of the parent company of the Group.
  • What is Right to attend?

    The power of all holders of shares of a company with voting rights to attend the general shareholders' meeting and take part in deliberations thereof. A national identity document or equivalent document is sufficient to be able to attend IBERDROLA's General Shareholders' Meeting and evidence one's status as a shareholder.

  • What is Right to proxy representation?

    The right of all shareholders entitled to attend the general shareholders' meeting to be represented by another person, provided that said person complies with the requirements and formalities established by law and the by-laws.

  • What is Right to receive information?

    The power of all shareholders of a company to request in writing the information or clarifications that they deem are required, or to ask the written questions they deem relevant, regarding the matters contained in the agenda for the general shareholders' meeting.

  • What is Right to vote?

    The right of all shareholders to participate in the adoption of resolutions at the general shareholders' meeting. If the shareholder cannot attend in person, this right may be delegated to another person, by giving them a proxy using one of the means provided by law and the by-laws.

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