In 2015 the company's 2,000+ volunteers carried out activities in the US, UK, Mexico, Brazil and Spain

TRM the King and Queen of Spain award IBERDROLA Scholarships coinciding with tenth anniversary of company’s Volunteering Programme

  • IBERDROLA's corporate volunteering programme received a Special Mention from King Felipe on the occasion of the commemorations for the first decade of its International Programme
  • Ignacio Galán highlighted IBERDROLA's social commitment to creating jobs and wealth, promoting education and culture and showing solidarity towards the most disadvantaged members of society
  • With the company's support, over 140 young people of five different nationalities will be pursuing further studies next year at universities in Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States   TRM King Felipe and Queen Letizia presented students and young researchers at IBERDROLA's offices in Madrid today with the scholarships awarded by the company in the various calls for applications held in 2016. 

This year the award ceremony for the Iberdrola Scholarships coincided with the commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the company's International Corporate Volunteering Programme, for which the company received a Special Mention from King Felipe.

The event was attended by the acting Minister of Education, Culture and Sport, Mr. Iñigo Méndez de Vigo, who was accompanied by the Chairman of IBERDROLA, Ignacio Galán. 

Addressing the audience, Mr. Galán reiterated the company's commitment to society, to the creation of jobs and wealth, to promoting education and culture and to solidarity with the most disadvantaged. He went on to say that these guiding principles “are the hallmarks of IBERDROLA's business model, which is geared towards creating sustainable value for society as a whole and which has allowed us to anticipate the solutions now called for by the global challenges facing the energy sector”. 

In his opinion, the most pressing of these challenges is the need to “drastically reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change”. IBERDROLA is entirely committed to achieving this goal and has become an international benchmark in this field.  The leading wind power producer worldwide has already managed to lower its emissions to 30% less than the average for the sector in Europe and set itself the goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2050.  

Ignacio Galán also praised the company's charity initiatives, its focus on education and training, its commitment to innovation and its initiatives in the areas of environment, art and culture, which make up the company`s Social Dividend. “According to an assessment by international experts, the value of this Social Dividend doubles the amount of the financial dividend we pay our shareholders, most of whom are pensioners”, he explained. 

The Chairman of IBERDROLA also announced the launch of the Young Entrepreneurs initiative today, which seeks to “foster a culture of entrepreneurship, which is of key importance in consolidating growth and boosting the employability of our young people”, in projects “designed to meet the challenges of a digitised world that is making progress towards decarbonising the economy”.

Mr. Galán also drew attention to the company's contribution towards training for over 1,300 university students, many of whom have since joined IBERDROLA. He explained that this commitment “will receive a further boost when the construction of IBERDROLA's Corporate University is completed in San Agustín de Guadalix”. The company has invested over €100 million in this campus with the goal of making it a centre of reference. 

Tenth anniversary of Volunteering Programme

Ignacio Galán underlined the significance of the tenth anniversary of IBERDROLA's International Corporate Volunteering Programme, which has built up “a community of volunteers that devote their knowledge and free time to enhancing people's quality of life, improving integration for vulnerable groups, caring for the environment and promoting sustainable development and access to electricity for those that are not connected to the grid”.

“In 2015 alone, the activities of our 2,000+ volunteers benefited hundreds of thousands of people on a direct or indirect basis”, explained Mr. Galán, pointing out that these volunteers are “ambassadors” representing IBERDROLA's values around the world and that they are “an example of sacrifice, generosity, solidarity and ethical behaviour”.


Around 600 scholarships awarded

Lastly, Mr. Galán reminded those in attendance that IBERDROLA has already awarded scholarships to almost 600 young people of various nationalities. He addressed this year's recipients, urging them to make the most of this opportunity and reminding them that for this training to be really complete, “it should always be accompanied by firm ethical values and a vocation of service towards our fellow citizens: the same combination of knowledge, principles and solidarity that our volunteers put into practice”.

IBERDROLA's scholarships and research grants programme aims to improve training for the up and coming generations, primarily in the area of energy, with a special focus on developing renewables, protecting biodiversity and boosting the efficiency of the energy system, as well as the conservation of artistic and cultural heritage. The company itself is active in all of these areas.  

The company has awarded 142 scholarships for the 2016-2017 academic year, which means that it has already allocated some €3.5 million to this programme as a whole.  The number of scholarships has increased almost fourfold since the call for applications in 2010, with a sixfold increase in the allocated budget.