Solution development program

We convert innovation to products for 'the digital utility'

R&D Entrepreneurship

Our core activity is identifying and solving the key challenges related to the digitalisation of the energy system. We start up R&D projects with a high technology readiness level (TRL) and large commercialisation potential.

Our innovation program

Our core activity is identifying and solving the key challenges related to the digitalisation of the energy system. Our development innovation program is articulated around four main themes, covering our three lines of business and different digital technologies disciplines:


 Power systems design and control

Ensuring an effective and efficient integration of renewable energy in the transmission and distribution networks. Development projects include: optimal sizing of hybrid (renewables plus storage) assets, design of converters advanced control for ancillary services and transmission network stability analysis under high penetration of renewable generation.

 Smart distribution networks 

Making distribution networks the key element integrating the electrical system to achieve net-zero emissions goals. Product and services development includes battery-less multivariable smart sensors, performance improvement of last mile telecommunications (power line communications in particular) and transformer substation hardware virtualization.

 Energy assets data analytics 

Collecting, treating, analysing and visualizing large time series streams of operational data from renewable generation units, network assets and customers for a continuous improvement of planning, operations and maintenance processes. 

Product and services development includes prediction failure for wind turbines, renewable generation gap assessment, smart grid telecommunication failure prediction system, transformer level distributed computing load forecasting, equipment detection (i.e., electrical vehicles and heat pumps) from smart meters' data. 

 Energy management at the edge 

Enabling the participation of the new energy customer in the energy market. Product and services development includes energy efficiency automation in built environment, adaptive edge computing applied to energy management, cloud computing and machine learning driven home management systems.

Our outreach

Iberdrola Innovation Middle East continuously cooperates with its innovation partners to expand scientific and technical knowledge and to build a global innovation community via scientific publications and the participation in more than 40 technical and institutional events (technical workshops, seminars, conferences...).

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