We convert research into innovation and development for 'the digital utility'

Our core activity is identifying and solving the key challenges related to the digitalisation of the energy system. We start up R&D projects with a high technology readiness level (TRL) and large commercialisation potential.

Iberdrola Innovation Middle East is a registered research office with Qatar National Research Fund. We apply findings from our R&D work to the services we offer in order to develop innovative projects in each of our key areas:

 Smart grids

We contribute to the development of a smarter grid infrastructure, focusing our efforts on challenges associated with the mass deployment of meters and sensors, and on the automation of the grid. At the moment we have several highlighted projects in progress:

 Renewables integration

We focus on the integration of the increasing amounts of decentralised clean energy in the electrical grid. Taking advantage of our fully equipped laboratory to perform emulations to fully understand all the challenges connected to a microgrid, and find the optimal solutions. Our main projects in this field are:

 Energy management

We develop efficient energy management systems focusing on two aspects: using Data Analytics to analyse and enhance the performance of buildings and designing systems to optimise the usage to when and where it is needed. We are currently working on different projects:


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