Multicultural team and local and international technology partners

Iberdrola Innovation Middle East is based on three cornerstones: our engineers, our laboratory and our partners. Moreover, forming part of the Iberdrola group provides us with access at all times to the very latest technological and industrial knowledge and advances.

We are a multicultural group of people with broad experience in industrial implementation and applied R&D. We work in the three areas of knowledge needed to define the digital utility: information and communication technologies, advanced control and data analytics.


Iberdrola Innovation Middle East Smart Grids Laboratory enables research to be converted into innovation and development. It is divided into two parts, one dedicated to renewable integration and the other oriented towards metering and communications. The integration of the two parts allows for the testing of new products and services before the actual deployment in networks and customers.

The centre also has a technology and training room which has fully functional systems identical to those installed in the company's infrastructure: smart meters panel, supervised low-voltage board, automated medium-voltage switchgear and system-connected charging station.


Following an open innovation policy, Iberdrola Innovation Middle East teams up with local and international universities, technology institutes and companies that complement our technological knowledge and resources to tackle larger and more challenging projects. Our list of partners is growing continually:


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