Open innovation and partnerships

We promote training and research on innovative and sustainable projects

Iberdrola is working on ensuring universal access to energy services, boosting knowledge in specific areas of science, energy and information technology and R&D projects, in collaboration with universities and institutions.

We collaborate with different organizations to promote innovation projects.

Our open and decentralised innovation model has allowed us to create an ecosystem that integrates employees, technology collaborators, industrial organisations and public institutions, value creation, the transfer of knowledge, the atraction of talent and the promotion of entrepreneurship.

These special collaborations represent an important path to:

  • Foster University-Business-Society knowledge transfer.
  • Promote the launch of R&D projects in different areas, such as smart grids, alternative and renewable energies and in relation to ensuring universal access to energy services, among others.
  • Promoting specialised training in the fields of greatest interest to Iberdrola.
  • Materialising social commitment with allocation models that are affordable and inclusive.

An example is Iberdrola's Supplier Innovation Program, which focuses on three pillars: facilitating access to financing mechanisms, fostering the joint creation of companies (spin-offs with suppliers) and favouring innovative purchasing from small and medium-sized enterprises. The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and Iberdrola will share good practices in relation to innovative acquisition procedures, as well as co-investment opportunities within the framework of the INNVIERTE program.