A global social action community

The Iberdrola group's International Corporate Volunteering Program was created to channel our employees' spirit of solidarity and to encourage their participation in social projects aimed at integrating vulnerable groups into society, improving the environment and sustainable development.


More than 2,200 volunteers took part in initiatives organised by Iberdrola group to mark its International Volunteer Day in the main countries where it carries out its activity: Spain, the UK, the USA, Mexico, Brazil and Portugal. This is a 22% increase with respect to last year.

The company holds this event every year, with the slogan Together we'll build the world we want!, raising awareness of the fight against climate change and the need to care for the environment. Volunteers also take part in inclusiveness projects with vulnerable groups and raise awareness of the importance of diversity. This year the event was dedicated to recycling and cleaning of waste.

In Spain, more than 800 volunteers took part in the 26 initiatives held in 24 cities in 13 autonomous regions, namely Community of Madrid, the Basque Region, Castilla-La Mancha, Catalonia, the Valencia Region, Galicia, Castilla y León, the Region of Murcia, Navarre, la Rioja, Cantabria, Andalusia and Extremadura. These included efforts to restore natural areas (reforestation and park cleaning, some in areas like Pinilla de Fermosella in Zamora or Tafalla in Navarra which have been affected by forest fires), as well as river and beach clean-ups in areas like the banks of the Arlanzón river in Burgos and the Somo beach in Cantabria). One beach to get such attention was the Moncayo beach in Alicante, which was damaged by the heavy rainstorm that recently blighted the east of Spain.

In the UK, ScottishPower employees got involved in cleaning activities to regenerate the natural environments of Cumbernauld and Bowling Harbour, both in Scotland; whilst in the vicinity of Liverpool, they helped to build two disabled access fishing platforms.

In the United States, Avangrid** employees made improvements to social housing in Portland (Oregon), repaired play equipment at children's camps in New York state and replanted and upgraded green zones in Maine.

Iberdrola employees in Mexico got involved in environmental education and recovery of natural areas in the regions of Altamira, Monterrey, Querétaro, Oaxaca and San Luis Potosí, among others.

In Brazil, some 550 members of the Neoenergia* team went out to clean up public spaces and environmentally significant areas such as the Ilhéus beach in Bahía and the Guarujá beach in São Paulo, and planted local species in Garanhuns (Pernambuco). The activities were held in 14 municipalities in six states: Rio Grande do Norte, Pernambuco, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Paraná.

Finally, Iberdrola's employees in Portugal took part in similar reforestation activities in the regions of Arriba Fóssil da Costa, in Lisbon, and in Lousada, in Oporto.


Iberdrola's International Corporate Volunteering Program was founded in 2006 and today, more than a decade later, it is a global project that is aligned with the group's values and Sustainable Management Policy.

Our employees participate in social projects in the countries in which the group has a presence, creating a global community of volunteers who contributes to improving our environment and the quality of life of the most vulnerable people through national and international initiatives. In 2019, a total of 7,489 volunteers from different countries took part in this programme, in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals: the program contributes to the attainment of the seventeen SDGs through its focus on supplying affordable and clean energy (Goal 7), climate action (Goal 13), providing quality education (Goal 4), reducing inequalities (Goal 10) and improving health and well-being (Goal 3).


The Iberdrola's International Corporate Volunteering Program has won the Innovation Award 2018 by the IMPACT2030 network, an initiative with the sole mission of mobilising human capital from companies through corporate volunteer programmes to help make progress in attaining the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Specifically, as the judging panel has highlighted, the company has been recognised for being "an enterprise that innovates to educate, inspire and unite employees around the SDGs in their community, and offers them opportunities to become agents of change and make an impact", as well as for "its exceptional commitment to mobilising the volunteers to work towards the SDGs".

Begoña Barberá, the Iberdrola's Social Projects Manager.#RRSSBegoña Barberá, the Iberdrola's Social Projects Manager, received the award at United Nations headquarters in New York as part of the recent inaugural IMPACT2030 Summit.

In 2016, the company received a Special Mention on the part of the King of Spain, on the occasion of the celebration of the first decade of its International Program. And in 2015, it was awarded the prize for the most Caring Company (Empresa Solidaria) of the year on the part of International Cooperation.


Iberdrola, in collaboration with the Department of Education of the Community of Madrid and Samsung, has made available to all schools in the Community of Madrid the initiative ODS al Cole, a multi-company corporate volunteer project regarding Volunteering and Strategy, promoted by Iberdrola, which aims to transfer the importance of the Objectives of Sustainable Development for primary students.

The initiative consists on a guided workshop with explanatory videos and two activities for the children in order to discover the SDGs, reflect on the world in which we live and make proposals for daily actions to be able to carry out. By late 2019, around 3,500 children had received training at schools across Spain.


Iberdrola has joined the board of Voluntare, the top Spanish-speaking international Corporate Volunteering network.

With this decision, our company is strengthening its commitment to Corporate Volunteering as a means for promoting Social Responsibility. It is doing in by joining this international network, which is found in both Spain and Latin America and which has an infrastructure that facilitates teamwork and joint advancement and encourages the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


  • Climate action

    A total of 29 volunteers from the five countries the Iberdrola group operates in — the UK, Spain, the US, Mexico and Brazil — have taken part in the latest edition of the Climate Volunteers Program run by Iberdrola and AIESEC, a global non-profit organisation for young people aged 18 to 29.

    Young people take part in the Iberdrola and AIESEC Climate Volunteers Program.

    The volunteers travelled to Brazil, Costa Rica and Colombia where they worked with local communities to raise awareness about the issue of climate change, focusing on topics like recycling, using public transport and cutting down on plastics.

    This initiative is aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13, which focuses on taking action to combat climate change.

  • Involve

    An international team of volunteers from Spain, the United Kingdom and United States will travel to Brazil or Mexico during their summer holidays to help a group of teenagers at risk of social exclusion to enhance their chances of social integration and employment through training in new technologies.

    Involve International Volunteering Vacation for Education.

  • Iberdrola with the refugees

    By raising funds through various activities, we participate in the formation of integration schools in which subjects such as the Spanish language and adaptation to the environment are taught. The volunteers are involved in the activities carried out as well as in leading different workshops at the schools.

     Further information on the project

  • Electricity for all

    This program is Iberdrola's response to the international community's call to extend universal access to modern forms of energy with environmentally sustainable, economically acceptable and socially inclusive models linked to SDG 7.1. Its aim is to ensure access to electricity in the developing and emerging countries.

    From the launch of the Electricity for all program in January 2014, we have contributed to 7,000,000 people benefiting from access to electricity through projects carried out in different countries in Latin America and Africa, fulfilling our commitment for 2020 two years ahead of schedule. By the year 2030, we hope to triple the number of beneficiaries.

     Further information on the project


* Neoenergia, S.A. is 50% + 1 share indirectly owned by Iberdrola, S.A.

** Avangrid,Inc. is 81,50% owned by Iberdrola, S.A.