A global social action community

The Iberdrola group's International Corporate Volunteering Program was created to channel our employees' spirit of solidarity and to encourage their participation in social projects aimed at integrating vulnerable groups into society, improving the environment and sustainable development.

International Corporate Volunteering Day in the United Kingdom.#RRSSInternational Corporate Volunteering Day in the United Kingdom.

Iberdrola's International Corporate Volunteering Program was founded in 2006 and today, more than a decade later, it is a global project that is aligned with the group's values and Sustainability Policy [PDF].


International Program for Corporate Volunteering basic data.#RRSSInternational Program for Corporate Volunteering basic data.

Our employees participate in social projects in the countries in which the group has a presence, creating a global community of volunteers who contributes to improving our environment and the quality of life of the most vulnerable people through national and international initiatives. The program is also aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. The program contributes to the attainment of the seventeen SDGs through its focus on supplying affordable and clean energy (Goal 7), climate action (Goal 13), providing quality education (Goal 4), reducing inequalities (Goal 10) and improving health and well-being (Goal 3).

International Volunteering.


Iberdrola has joined the board of Voluntare, the top Spanish-speaking international Corporate Volunteering network.

With this decision, our company is strengthening its commitment to Corporate Volunteering as a means for promoting Social Responsibility. It is doing in by joining this international network, which is found in both Spain and Latin America and which has an infrastructure that facilitates teamwork and joint advancement and encourages the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


  • Involve

    An international team of volunteers from Spain, the United Kingdom and United States will travel to Brazil or Mexico during their summer holidays to help a group of teenagers at risk of social exclusion to enhance their chances of social integration and employment through training in new technologies.

    Involve International Volunteering Vacation for Education.

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  • Iberdrola with the refugees

    By raising funds through various activities, we participate in the formation of integration schools in which subjects such as the Spanish language and adaptation to the environment are taught. The volunteers are involved in the activities carried out as well as in leading different workshops at the schools.

     Further information on the project (Spanish version)

  • Electricity for everybody

    This program is Iberdrola's response to the international community's call to extend universal access to modern forms of energy with environmentally sustainable, economically acceptable and socially inclusive models linked to SDG 7.1. Its aim is to ensure access to electricity in the developing and emerging countries.

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