A global social action community

Around 1,300 volunteers wore green during the 2017 International Volunteer Day, in order to participate in over 60 charity events and activities spread in Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Mexico and Brazil at the same time.

 Committed to the Sustainable Development Goals

At Iberdrola we have an unwavering commitment to improving society and that is why we designed a Corporate Volunteering Program: to harness the solidarity of our employees and encourage them to take part in social projects geared towards helping vulnerable groups to integrate, enhancing the environment, sustainable development in the territories where we have operations and taking energy to those that are not yet connected to the grid.

Iberdrola's Volunteer Program was set up in 2006 and is today a global, international project, in line with the Group's values and its sustainability policy. Our employees take part in social projects in the countries where the Group operates, forming a global community of volunteers who contribute to improving our environment through national and international initiatives. Together, they help enhance the environment and the quality of life of the most vulnerable members of society so that they can hope for a better future. The program is also in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. The program contributes to the attainment of the seventeen SDGs. However, it focuses on supplying affordable and non-contaminating energy (#7), combating climate change (#13), providing quality education (# 4), the reduction of inequalities (#10) and health and wellbeing (#3).


The company organised many different activities to celebrate this day on the 7th of October with a unique goal: encouraging citizens to become superheroes in solidarity and charity initiatives. The initiative was rolled out in Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Mexico and Brazil at the same time and it invited citizens in different countries to become volunteers, to use their superpowers to turn common things into extraordinary things and participate in different charity events and activities.

Around 1,300 volunteers wore green to participate in over 60 charity events and activities. In particular, there were 21 initiatives in Spain associated with inclusive leisure, adapted sports and awareness-raising activities, in addition to different workshops and events in soup kitchens and activities aimed at making the elderly and imprisoned women enjoy this day.

In addition, Iberdrola reached the challenge of 1,000 volunteers, so it will donate 6,570 therapeutic milk bags to UNICEF to help treat severely malnourished children.


Iberdrola is convinced that we cannot waste a single minute in the fight against climate change and youngsters play a key role in this. Therefore, we collaborate with the AIESEC association of students and sponsor the 'Combating Climate Change' Volunteer Program, a revolutionary experience that seeks to raise the awareness of youngsters — aged 18 to 30 — and make sure they participate in the fight against climate change and in looking after our planet, with the active collaboration in volunteering projects that focus on Climate Action Goal 13 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

This project is one of the actions of the company's Plan to Raise the Awareness on the importance of Climate Change, which will give the opportunity to 30 youngsters to live a global volunteering experience, working in social projects associated with climate action and sustainability in Brazil, Colombia and Costa Rica between December 2017 and January 2018. Please share this initiative with anyone in this age group that is committed to protecting the planet and wants to make a difference and help us make sure it reaches everyone!


The Volunteering Program celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016. On the occasion the program received a special mention from King Felipe. In 2015, the activities of the International Volunteer Day benefited hundreds of thousands of people on a direct or indirect basis, in the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Brasil and Spain. Our volunteers act as ambassadors representing Iberdrola's values around the world and are an example of sacrifice, generosity, solidarity and ethical behaviour.


The Iberdrola Volunteering Program has joined the Give & Gain Day initiative during the 2017 7th International Corporate Volunteering Week to give more visibility and promote the role of volunteers as agents of social change.

Two of our most successful volunteering programs, the Talks about Climate Change and the Digital Tools Workshop for refugees, were part of the contents of this 7th International Corporate Volunteering Week, which has also focused on the promotion of actions aimed at the social and labour integration of people during 2017.

  • International Volunteer Portal

    One of the essential components in Iberdrola's Corporate Volunteering program is the International Volunteer Portal, ("Iberdrola volunteers"), where we offer on our trilingual portal in Spanish, English and Portuguese over 8,000 volunteer opportunities to our employees, in collaboration with different NGOs with a proven track record.

    This is an open meeting point for all professionals of the Group that are interested in sharing their supportive energy, choosing from presence or virtual actions, sharing their experience in volunteering work and proposing activities.

  • International Projects

    The Iberdrola Corporate Volunteering Program encompasses a broad range of global projects across different countries within the group's scope of influence, where employees of different nationalities participate and collaborate together. Highlights:

    • INVOLVE Project, developed for Brazilian or Mexican children and teenagers at risk of social exclusion to boost their chances of integration in society and the job market.

    An initiative awarded by the Mexican Centre for Philanthropy (Cemefi) in the Corporate Volunteering category which, for the sixth straight year, on July 19 2017, rekindled its activity. Thank to it, Iberdrola volunteers from Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States will spend 15 days of their holidays and join their co-workers in Mexico and Brazil to teach 80 children and teenagers from socially and economically deprived neighbourhoods in Campinas (Brazil) and Mexico City to help improve their social and labour market integration.

    Voluntarios de la quinta edición del proyecto INVOLVE.

    Volunteers from the sixth edition of the INVOLVE project.

    • Performance of electrification actions, such as the refugee camp in Ethiopia, as part of the "Electricidad for all" project.
    • Iberdrola with the Refugees campaign: a comprehensive support plan for refugees offers different initiatives, for which a specific pool of volunteers has been created.

    Iberdrola has won various acknowledgements for its Corporate Volunteering program, such as the Caring Company of the Year award from the NGO Cooperación Internacional.

  • Other actions

    We are also organising partners of the Corporate Volunteer Observatory (OVC) ,which backs studies and reports and runs activities to promote awareness and training in this field.

    Find out how we implement our strategy for social responsibility with social action measures to boost education and culture and protect vulnerable groups.