wind power

We postulate as the energy company of the future, defending the use of clean and renewable energy. Wind energy is key in climate change, being one of the sources that has developed a highest growth over the last decades.

  • Offshore wind energy is the clean and renewable energy obtained by taking advantage of the force of the wind that is produced on the high seas, where it reaches a higher and more constant speed than on land due to the absence of barriers. In order to make the most of this resource, mega-structures are installed that are seated on the seabed and equipped with the latest technical innovations. Discover what these real sea giants are like and how they work.

    The East Anglia ONE installation in the south east coast of England, to be put into operation by Iberdrola in 2020, will supply electricity to half a million households.

  • The remains of a Neolithic timber trackway dating to 2,300 BC was discovered during an archaeological dig carried out prior to laying underground cables to connect the East Anglia ONE offshore wind farm with the UK national electricity grid.

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    The uncertainty surrounding how wind behaves is the main handicap when building a wind farm, especially in places with a complex orography. Where and how can wind turbines be installed to maximise the production of wind power? Supercomputing has the answer.