We promote women's leadership and participation in the energy sector

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Iberdrola group is firmly and decisively committed to gender equality. Some great examples of this are the Women with Energy forum run by Iberdrola Mexico to promote the leadership and talent of women in the company, and the story of Selene Jerezano, the first woman to hold the position of turbines supervisor.


Through its subsidiary in Mexico, Iberdrola group held in 2019 the first Women with Energy forum, where 40 female team leaders with a high potential for development got the opportunity to share their experiences and ideas. The aim of this event was to reaffirm the company's commitment to equal opportunities and to help get women into leadership roles.

Several prominent women with relevant roles in the energy sector spoke at the event about the challenges and experiences they have faced and the employment opportunities they have detected to increase the participation of women in strategic positions. Finally, ITAM University (Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México) held a workshop on workplace and personal competitiveness.


Mexico is also where the first woman in the entire Iberdrola group has attained the position of supervisor in the Turbine Inspections team. Selene Jerezano began working in the Procurement area of Iberdrola Mexico three years ago, but her goal was always to get into the Generation business to work in her field, which is mechanical engineering. Now, the 28-year-old from Veracruz is an example of how women are gaining territory in the energy sector and of the company's strong commitment to gender equality and developing young talent.

Selene Jerezano, Iberdrola group turbines supervisor

Women should not be pigeon-holed into administrative roles

Her work consists of supervising all turbine-generator sets in the Iberdrola Generación México fleet, meaning she is responsible for the proper maintenance and functioning of the gas and steam turbines in all of the combined cycle and cogeneration plants that the company operates in Mexico. This task requires a lot of effort and dedication, and she regularly spends several days at each plant, which has won her the respect and recognition of her colleagues.

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María Selene Jerezano Cruz, Turbines supervisor: "I am 28 and I have been at Iberdrola Mexico for three years. I'm from Veracruz and I studied mechanical engineering, specialising in mechatronics, at the Technological Institute of Veracruz. I had wanted to study engineering since I was a little girl."

Antonio Caruana, Technical Services manager and global Forecasts manager: "Selene is the only woman in the Global Inspections department. Our job consists of supervising and ensuring the quality of all works done on Iberdrola Generation's fleet of turbine-generator sets."

"Selene took the initiative and applied for the position in Inspections after hearing of the vacancies we had. Her motivation and experience were a perfect fit for the role."

María Selene Jerezano Cruz: "You need to focus on what you really want and how you're going to achieve it. You also need to dedicate a lot of your time and make sacrifices."

Antonio Caruana: "Being part of this team involves trips to plants to give maintenance support, which means time away from home. It's a demanding job and requires motivation and a willingness to work."

María Selene Jerezano Cruz: "Maintenance operates on 12-hour shifts. Depending on the area and whether it's a gas or steam turbine, we need to supervise all of the mechanical works and measurements carried out."

Octavio Nava Argüelles, maintenance supervisor: "It has been an honour to work with her. She is a really well-organised person. We have a great time working in maintenance and she gets along really well with all of us. Selene is very determined, which has got her to where she is today."

María Selene Jerezano Cruz: "You earn respect by being polite and friendly with the team. Men respect you for that. I would like to get more training in the thermodynamics and materials areas in order to put my knowledge into practice at Iberdrola."

Antonio Caruana: "Having the first woman in the team is a big milestone. Breaking down barriers in the maintenance business, which is currently male-dominated, will help give opportunities to female technicians and engineers. I am really proud to have Selene on the team."

María Selene Jerezano Cruz: "Women should not be pigeon-holed into administrative roles. If you like something, you should fight to do it, even if people tell you you can't or that it's too hard."

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The percentage of women in Iberdrola group has gone up 50 % in the past decade. Currently (at the close of the 2019 financial year), women represent 23 % of the workforce and 20.1 % of management roles. Likewise, it is a benchmark company in the Ibex 35 in women presence on the Board of Directors.

Iberdrola has integrated SDG 5 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, focused on gender equality, into its business strategy, and is now a reference point in programs and initiatives aimed at promoting women's empowerment. In fact, we have been included in the Bloomberg Gender-Equally Index for its equal opportunities and gender policies.

The group continues working to promote gender diversity and women's participation in business. Another example of the measures it is implementing in terms of gender equality is the Women Returner Program promoted by ScottishPower, the group's UK subsidiary, an initiative which helps women further their careers in the STEM sector (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) after a break of two years or more.