Iberdrola lands the blow: a new and exciting assault for women's boxing

The company has created the Iberdrola women's boxing scholarship program, which will serve to create a national team with which our country aspires to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Of the 65 sports federations in Spain, 16 already have the support of Iberdrola, including boxing. At the presentation ceremony of the agreement between the company and the Spanish Boxing Federation, which took place at the headquarters of Spain's National Sports Council (CSD), was a large number of the 18 members of the national team, who are already preparing the first international competitions in which Spain will be participating: Laura Fuertes, María González Cáceres, Andrea Lasheras, Lara Rebeca García, María del Carmen Madueño, Marina Carrasco, Melissa Noemí González, Lucía Blázquez and Patricia Martín Cabrera.


The event was presided over by Susana Pérez-Amor, Deputy Director General for Women and Sport of the CSD, who was accompanied by Felipe Martínez, president of the Spanish Boxing Federation, and representatives of Iberdrola, who referred to boxing in the presentation of the agreement as "a fashionable sport which is currently booming. We want sport to reach Spain's households so that everyone knows about your success, your achievements and to do this we need to enhance our communication. We are strongly committed to you", they told the athletes.

Susana Pérez-Amor was pleased that the Spanish Boxing Federation project had been selected by Iberdrola among many others. She also highlighted the efforts of all the sportswomen present: "With only 445 registered female boxers, it's a challenge just to get to where you have managed to get. You are role models for women's sport; you are showing your social responsibility."

The growth that female boxing has been showing in recent years on the Spanish sports scene is reflected in the words of the President of the Federation, Felipe Martínez: "For the first time in the history of female boxing in Spain, and with the momentum Iberdrola provides on a daily basis, four female boxers have been able to compete in an event as important as the World Cup in New Delhi."

Andrea Lasheras was in charge of speaking on behalf of the boxers: "It's a really exciting project and it can deliver at the highest level, as is the case with other women's sports in Spain."


The future permanent national team will emerge out of the different competitions that our country's best female boxers will be taking part in during 2018, the team's main objectives will be the dream of the 2020 Olympic Games and, above all, 2024.

The agreement between Iberdrola and the Federation has seen the creation of the Iberdrola Boxing Cup, a new knock-out competition whose participants were taken from the 2017 rankings: a reward for the best boxers and for their consistency throughout the year.