Iberdrola joins the crew in women's canoeing

The company has reached an agreement with the Spanish Rowing Federation to sponsor the different Iberdrola Women's Canoeing Leagues covering the specialities of dragon boat, polo kayak, sea and river kayak, and marathon.

The presentation ceremony, held at National Sports Council (CSD) headquarters in Madrid, was attended by the president of the Spanish Rowing Federation, Juan José Román Mangas; the deputy director of Sports and Women with the CSD, Susana Pérez-Amor; the director general of Sports with the CSD, Jaime González Castaño; and representatives from Iberdrola.


During the presentation ceremony, a representative from the CSD emphasised "the importance in sport, as in life, of having role models. This is why we need more people like Maialenes Chourraut and Teresa Perales". All so that "this exceptional moment for this sport can continue, and because they are a mirror in which to look at yourselves", in reference to the canoeist group present at the event. "Canoeing is undoubtedly going through a special time, and I am convinced that the best is yet to come. Very important things are being done for women's sport, we are getting closer and closer to achieving the goals we set at the CSD."

They welcomed Iberdrola, as an "indispensable partner" in what they consider to be a model of public-private collaboration to help Spanish sport. This gratitude was echoed by the president of the Spanish Canoeing Federation, Juan José Román Mangas. This support, said Mangas, "compels us to be responsible whilst also giving us the chance us to promote equal opportunities between men and women. It's a perfect example for society in general."

The representatives from Iberdrola explained that their support "will enable the canoeing leagues to progress". Sponsored competitions represent "another opportunity to give visibility to sportswomen and for their successes to achieve wider recognition in society."


The Spanish Canoeing Federation held its annual gala in February, at which it celebrated the 71 international medals achieved in 2018 in the different specialties and categories. The President of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), Alejandro Blanco, stressed that this sport, after having achieved the best results in the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, "has no limits and can still aspire to more" in Tokyo 2020.

Laura Gil (in the middle) presented the Iberdrola Award to Teresa Portela.#RRSSLaura Gil (in the middle) presented the Iberdrola Award to Teresa Portela.