Iberdrola contributes its energy to the consolidation of women's field hockey

Women's field hockey is one of the most thriving sports in our country, with 14,000 registered players, of whom 40% are female. The company shares its values of improvement, constancy and teamwork.

Iberdrola and the Spanish Hockey Federation (RFEH) have reached an agreement whereby the company is to sponsor the Federation. The presentation of this sponsorship agreement, signed by the President of the RFEH, Santiago Deó, and representatives of Iberdrola, was also attended by José Ramón Lete, President of the CSD, and Lola Riera, a player from RedSticks, who spoke on behalf of the members of the women's national team, most of whom attended the event.

“Today hockey is one of the most thriving sports, with 14,000 registered players, of whom 40% are women. We are reaping today what we sowed 25 years ago. You are leading the way, you have no limits and you are a true example”, said José Ramón Lete, who highlighted the league's ample representation with clubs from Catalonia, the Basque Country, the Canary Islands and Madrid. Lete stressed that “sport, in essence, is a motor for change and progress, and is also a fundamental element in the fight for women's equality.”

The president of the CSD considered that Iberdrola's involvement in women's sport “is anything but ordinary” and is “incomparable”, after highlighting the public-private collaboration for the declaration of special public interest through the Women's Universe programme.

Lola Riera, on behalf of all the players in the Spanish national team, gave thanks for the “visibility and support” provided to them by Iberdrola. “Our commitment is to continue growing and improving to be as well-regarded as Iberdrola”, she said, adding: “We appreciate the visibility and support that a company like this gives us. Our commitment is to continue growing and improving to be as well-regarded as Iberdrola.”

Santiago Deó stressed that the agreement “comes in time for the many important events to be held: the Queen's Cup, the next phase of the World League, the European Cup and the Final Four.”

For her part, representatives of Iberdrola expressed her wish “that both RedSticks and the clubs will accept our support, because we are proud to have this opportunity to promote your many successes. The sum of successes and visibility results in an increase in player registrations with the Federations. We want more and more girls and women to play this sport”, who stressed the outstanding step up from 400 women's registrations in 1992 to almost 7,000 in 2019. “We agree on the values of self-improvement, constancy and teamwork”, they stressed.


The agreement between the RFEH and Iberdrola saw the creation in September 2018 of the Iberdrola Women's Field Hockey League with a presentation ceremony that was attended by players from each of the teams that form part of the competition.

The format of the League will remain the same: 10 teams and 18 rounds, after which the eight best teams will contest the playoffs leading to the four teams that will compete in the Final Four. In addition to the name change (Iberdrola League), in each round a match will be live streamed at which the MVP Iberdrola prize will be awarded. “These projects and committed companies bring us a little closer to equality and make us believe that a better society is possible. It provides a strong impetus for the development of sport, teams and the national team. We can start to place women's hockey and women's sport in Spain at the top of the tree”, said the Club de Campo player, Beatriz Pérez, who was present at the event.