Iberdrola catches a wave to sponsor women's surfing

The company and the Spanish Surfing Federation reach an agreement to promote the participation of women in this sport. As a result of the agreement, the 'Iberdrola Surfing Days' have already begun to be organised.

The Samaranch Room at the headquarters of the Sports Council (CSD) was the place chosen to present the sponsorship agreement between Iberdrola and the Spanish Surfing Federation. Present at the event were María José Rienda, president of the Sports Council; Carlos García, president of Fesurfing; Noelia Florín, representing the Iberdrola sports sponsorship team and Garazi Sánchez, Spanish surf champion.

"You're a reference, you're going to take us at the top. Tokyo 2020 is very close and we hope you can classify, but the most important thing is that you fight for it and enjoy it", María José Rienda declared to those present, she then added: "All these kinds of collaborations are tools that help and they add up; this private help drives these new challenges and this is really needed and is always a point in favour of the agreements that help the federations and the sportswomen."

Garazi Sánchez, on behalf of the surfers, stated that "this type of initiative helps you to develop, to train as an athlete and reach your highest level. We would like to thank Iberdrola" among other institutions, "that are giving us more opportunities."


A result of the agreement between Iberdrola and the federation is the Iberdrola Surfing Days events at which women of all ages can enjoy a day trying out surfing accompanied by yoga, art and music.

The first Iberdrola Women's Surfing Day at Suances (Cantabria) was attended by a crowd of girls, among them, the current Spanish surfing champion, Garazi Sánchez and the sisters Solar, Mirka and Deva, all several times Spanish champions and recognised national surfers. In addition, Sánchez gave a masterclass where she shared her experience with those present.