Iberdrola commits to women's table tennis

The company reached an agreement with the Royal Spanish Table Tennis Federation to promote a scholarship program and to launch the new Iberdrola League in this sport.

Miguel Ángel Machado, president of the Royal Spanish Table Tennis Federation (RFETM), Susana Pérez Amor, deputy director-general with Women and Sport and representatives from Iberdrola presided over the official presentation of the Iberdrola Spanish Table Tennis scholarship program.

Iberdrola's support offers a boost to the project of the women's table tennis group, which trains every day at the Sant Cugat High Performance Centre and has achieved good results in recent years, with several international medals. This scholarship program will allow the RFETM to expand the international activity of the players receiving scholarships both in terms of competitions and training camps.

Miguel Ángel Machado, accompanied by Galia Dvorak, an international table tennis player, was "proud to receive the support of such a large company as Iberdrola, which will help to maintain and consolidate the support for the sportswomen with scholarships."

Galia Dvorak said that "the support of companies like Iberdrola is very important, because to play table tennis well you need many hours of work, talent and luck, but also to have someone to support you and external help. It's a privilege for these girls to have scholarships from such a young age and I hope they make the most of them."

Susana Pérez Amor explained that "with this program we try to make sportswomen do their job, which you also do very well, and we will try to give you visibility. Empowering women so that society sees what you are capable of doing through sport."

The representatives from Iberdrola explained that "we are here to make your successes known. They are aids so that you can continue improving technically, but also so that your sport becomes well-known. And that is a commitment that Iberdrola takes on with this agreement."


As a result of this agreement, women's table tennis has had its own league since October 2018. The Iberdrola Table Tennis League was presented at the headquarters of the Sports Council (CSD), in an event attended by Miguel Ángel Machado, president of the Royal Spanish Table Tennis Federation; Noelia Florín de Oro, representative of the Iberdrola Sports Sponsorship team; Mamen Valverde, representative of the Women's Universe Program; Ana García, player in the Women's Table Tennis Superdivision; as well as Ainhoa Cristóbal, Andrea Pérez and Alba Fernández, all international table tennis players.

Machado thanked Iberdrola for supporting table tennis and stressed that "being part of this group of federations that spread the sport internationally is vital". In the same vein, Ana Garcia acclaimed the "greater visibility" for this sport.

Finally, Noelia Florín de Oro, reaffirmed the commitment of Iberdrola to table tennis because "we have been supporting this sport for one year, and today you are joining the Iberdrola Leagues, where we are trying to promote women's sport, through national leagues". Noelia concluded by saying that "we want to take equality from the company to society; thanks to everyone, this project is unstoppable."