Iberdrola contributes its energy to women's volleyball

The company and the Spanish Royal Volleyball Federation have reached an agreement to promote Volleyball, women's sport par excellence, with over 50,000 female federated members in our country. Under the Agreement, the Liga Iberdrola is now a reality.

Iberdrola and the Spanish Royal Volleyball Federation (RFEVB) have reached an agreement to promote the sport. As a result of this agreement, the Iberdrola Volleyball League is now a reality. The initiative was launched at the CSD headquarters at an event attended by Agustín Martín Santos, president of Royal Spanish Volleyball Federation; Jaime González Castaño, general manager of Sports of the CSD; and representatives of Iberdrola and players from each of the teams taking part in the League.

Agustín Martín Santos acknowledged that Iberdrola's support will give "an essential impetus" since it means that they are "doing things properly in this sport, where there are more women federation members than men."


Laura Naranjo, representing the players, confirmed that they all feel "enthusiasm and emotion. This agreement is important because it is giving women athletes the support they need. I'm sure that everyone will appreciate all our efforts to get here, and we are grateful for the work done by Iberdrola, which we need to develop as athletes", explained Naranjo.

The CSD acknowledges the support offered by Iberdrola, "an exceptional partner", to encourage less mainstream sports like boxing, karate and table tennis: "We believe in women's sport and in preserving all players' attitude to continue on the path to good results. This agreement has given us a lot of the celebrate, but we must keep working and doing things well, without losing our enthusiasm."

In this regard, representatives of Iberdrola said that "empowering women and recognising their achievements is one of our objectives, ensuring that everyone knows about your success. You are setting an example for generations to come and are elite athletes", they said.


For the sixth consecutive year, Minis Arluy VB Logroño has won the Iberdrola League. It won the championship by beating Barça CVB in the third game of the finals, which the company sponsored again this year. The event took place at the La Garriga SEK Sports Centre in Barcelona and was watched by a crowd of 600 people.