Email, a double-edged sword

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Emailing is one of the main communication channels that exist today along with instant messaging and social networking. Through it we establish contact with other people exchanging personal and professional information.

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Email, a double-edged sword.

This daily use of emails can become a double-edged sword if we do not take the necessary precautions. And, sometimes, we are the ones who get distracted and send an email with certain information to the wrong person or even several, putting our privacy and that of others at risk.

But also, there is another factor to take into account when emailing: phishingCybercriminals see email as an ideal means to spread any type of malware or even obtain information to use for their own benefit.

If you don't want haste to play a dirty trick on you when sending an email or to end up being the victim of attacks, here are a series of recommendations to consider for a secure use of emailing. We tell how to send an email in a secure mood, what Wi-Fi networks you don't have to use when emailing and what type of information you don't have to include:

Email, a double-edged sword.

Learn how to emailing in a safe form