The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were approved in 2015 as part of a new sustainable development agenda and they are part of the Iberdrola's group business strategy.

  • R&D

    Over one billion people do not have access to reliable telephone service (UN, 2017), and there continues to be much basic infrastructure in poor conditions in many developing countries. To spread prosperity and social and economic development we must continue to invest in industry, innovation and infrastructure.

  • Climate change is affecting human security and stability in some regions of the planet. The search for the relationship between climate change and the appearance of conflicts has aroused the interest of the scientific community in the last few years and many related studies have been published.

    On 23 October 2018, the Board of Directors of Iberdrola, S.A. approved a revision of the Corporate Governance System with the purpose of formalising the commitment of the Iberdrola group to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) approved by the United Nations (UN), highlighting the group's contribution to their fulfilment through the social dividend generated by its business activity.

  • Today, more than two million people do not have access to safe drinking water, basic hygiene and sanitation services, which are essential for any aspect of life and sustainable development. To put an end to this situation, $114 billion a year must be invested.

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    Power is fundamental for almost all the great challenges and opportunities facing the world right now, but there are still 1.2 billion people living without access to electricity. It is necessary to universalise access to clean, reliable energy services in order to achieve a socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable planet.