WindEurope Annual Event 2024

WindEurope 2024 seeks in Bilbao urgent wind power development solutions that will make Europe's decarbonisation commitments possible

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This 2024, the WindEurope Annual Event was held in the Spanish city of Bilbao and Iberdrola was one of the main ambassador companies of the event. From 20 to 22 March, Bilbao brought together more than 10.000 industry professionals who got the chance to listen to experts in different sessions and interact with more than 400 exhibitors to showcase all the innovations in the wind energy market, both inside and outside Europe.

The WindEurope 2024 Annual Event , held in Bilbao from last Wednesday 20 to Friday 22 March, was an opportunity for prominent figures from politics, business and industry linked to energy and climate action to express their views and debate. Some 10,000 industry professionals attended the event, with around 50 talks by more than 250 wind energy experts and almost 500 exhibitors representing the entire wind energy value chain will be on hand. The motto of this year's event was "Our wind, our value", with the aim of creating value for the entire continent "Creating value for Europe, living up to Europe's values".

After escalating prices and severe inflation in recent months, WindEurope wants showed itself as a rallying point to make wind energy the spearhead of the energy transition. 

The flagship event of the association that promotes the use of wind energy in Europe recalls that the European Union (EU) built 16 GW of new wind power capacity in 2022. "This is 40% more than in 2021," they pointed out in a statement, "but it is far less than what is needed to reach the EU's 2030 targets". That's why the next few years are crucial for planning to boost this renewable resource: both to meet the goal of being energy self-sufficient, and to achieve the European Green Pact's requirements of decarbonisation by 2050.

At Iberdrola we were pioneers two decades ago in onshore wind power, a technology with which we will have installed 20.5 GW by the end of the first half of 2023. Now, offshore wind has established itself as one of our major growth vectors. At the end of the first half of 2023, we have 1,370 MW offshore in operation and 4,275 MW under construction with long-term contracts secured that will come into operation before 2029 thanks to investments of close to €30 billion worldwide during this decade.


"The agreement to tripling renewable capacity by 2030 will drive massive investments in onshore and offshore wind energy."

Ignacio Galán

Executive Chairman of Iberdrola

What is Wind Europe?

Wind Europe is the leading wind energy association in Europe. With more than 500 members, its main objective is to promote this type of energy and to create a working group in which the entire sector is represented, and which gather at the annual event – the WindEurope Annual Event.

Iberdrola's participation in WindEurope Annual Event 2024

In this edition, Iberdrola sponsored the "Powering the Future" conference stage where, from the 20th to the 22nd for 3 days, experts from the sector met to discuss how to manage energy to make it more sustainable, efficient and resilient.

On 20 March, panels focused on on the electrification of industrial heat, storage and the digital transformation of networks, ending with the award ceremony for the winners of the Hackathon.

On 21st the day started with two sessions dedicated to young talent and continued with sessions dedicated to the circular economy in the renewable sector, microgrids, grid flexibility, and the vision of the sector in the period 2024-2050. The final panel session of the day dedicated to the decarbonisation of ports through their electrification. 

Finally, the 22nd focused on the importance of investing in networks and making them flexible, green hydrogen, open innovation, electrification of transport and the importance of heat pumps.

Xabier Viteri Solaun

Xabier Viteri Solaun

Managing Director, Iberdrola Renewables

Margarita Fernández de Prada

Margarita Fernández de Prada

Director of Digital Transformation

Juan Rivier

Juan Rivier

Head of Global Renewables Regulation

Juan Carlos Rucián

Juan Carlos Rucián

Head of EU Regulation & Associations Relations

Pablo Temiño López Jurado

Pablo Temiño López Jurado

Offshore Business Head of Windfarm

Elena González

Elena González

Lead O&M Engineer, Iberdrola

Oscar Cantalejo

Oscar Cantalejo

Head of Open Innovation and Corporate Venturing

Pablo Pirles

Pablo Pirles

CEO Alliance Iberdrola | bp pulse

Fernando Mateo Barrientos

Fernando Mateo Barrientos

Global Head of Heat Industrial Decarbonization

Jorge Palomar

Jorge Palomar

Head Of Global Hydrogen Development

  • Alejandro López Aguayo - Head of Energy Planning
  • Juan Luis Aguirrezábal - Head of Global Employability

  • Rafael Bellido - Head of Flexibility Solutions

  • Vanessa Castro - Head of energy, efficiency and edification

  • Ainhoa Garmendia - Public Recharge Responsible

  • Sofia Koukoura - Innovation Manager

  • Carlos López Pascual - Head of Energy Management Solution

  • Rosana Martín Hidalgo - Head of Transformational Projects i-DE

  • Pedro Otazua - OPS Projects Development Manager

  • Alvaro Portellano - Global Head of Perseo Venture Builder

  • Francisco Portugal - Global Key Account Manager of Industrial Heat Decarbonization

Importance of wind energy in Spain

Wind energy is the second largest source of electricity generation in Spain. In 2023, there were over 22,000 wind turbines installed in our country – a figure that allows 24% of the energy demand to be covered. In the world, Spain ranks fifth in terms of installed wind energy capacity – behind only China, the United States, Germany and India – making it the second largest European country.

Spain has taken advantage of its strategic location to increase the amount of renewable energy in its energy mix, while at the same time committing to renewables as a way to avoid rural depopulation. In addition, the country has also increased its production of clean energy through the use of solar plants. 

At Iberdrola we are also developing numerous hybrid projects, which combine both technologies to make greater use of renewable sources, with the aim of increasing production and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. 

Iberdrola's participation in WindEurope Annual Event 2022 

It is because of Iberdrola's significant international role in the development of wind energy that we actively participated in WindEurope Annual Event 2022Link externo, abra em uma nova aba. . On the first day of the event, Xabier Viteri, Renewables Business Manager of the Iberdrola group, led  the opening session. On that same day, 5 April, Julio Castro, CEO of Iberdrola Renovables  was part of the session 'Making sure wind energy is 'made in Europe', focusing, as the invitation states, on the importance that the simplification of permit procedures and the design of auctions have for the health of the European wind supply chain and thus strengthen its position in the current energy crisis and promote a 'Made in Europe' Green Deal.

On the same day, Irma Maure, head of Talent Management, Recruitment and Training at Iberdrola, participated in the session 'Getting the workforce and skills we need', focused on the needs of training and talent programmes for this industry and how to promote inclusion and diversity. And to close the day, Elena González, chief engineer of O&M (operation and maintenance) led the session on offshore wind turbines and components.

On 6 April, the second day of WindEurope Annual Event 2022, it will be the turn of Álvaro Martínez Palacios, Iberdrola's general manager for offshore wind, who will participate in the session 'Growing offshore wind from 28 GW today to 450 GW by 2050'. Also, José Luis Adanero, head of the investment and monitoring office for renewable business, will join the panel, ‘How to make a return when you invest in a wind farm’  

In the afternoon, Ignacio Pantojo, head of Floating Wind Team, was in the meeting ‘Europe part 3: Spain offshore’ where the state of floating technologies and supply chains was discussed, while Sofia Koukoura, senior engineer of Asset Performance Analysis at ScottishPower Renewables led the session 'Optimising operations of existing wind farms', where various methodologies and strategies will be presented to optimise the operation of wind farms and extend their useful life.

Finally, on 7 April, Elena Ferrández, head of Technology Foresight at Iberdrola Renovables was part of 'Wind+Solar, Wind+Storage.... Let's go 'hybrid'!' on the importance of hybrid projects to increase the efficiency of the electricity system and to guarantee a better balance in the energy supply.

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