Start-up challenge: Energy transition projects in Asturias

We are looking for entrepreneurial initiatives to promote a fair and collaborative energy transition in Asturias

Start-up challenge PERSEO

Iberdrola is accelerating its commitment to the development of a green economy in Asturias, which is set to become a major hub for industrialisation and employment, promoting new investments in renewables and more contracts awarded to the local industrial fabric related to sectors of the future. 

Energy transition projects in Asturias

Iberdrola's green recovery plan for Asturias also envisaged the launch of a Citizens’ Innovation Platform to channel entrepreneurial initiatives in terms of innovation for the energy transition, acting as an instrument to accelerate collaboration processes between citizens, public entities and companies

Citizens' innovation platform and SODECO

The Platform was launched in September 2020 and is an open initiative that promotes and facilitates collaboration between citizens, public entities and companies, with the aim of fostering a just transition in the territories that are tackling the closure processes of Iberdrola's coal-fired power plants and to stimulate a systemic and sustainable transformation of the socio-economic model of these territories.  

It follows a working methodology based on listening, co-creation and the construction of an experimental portfolio, the aim of which is to identify areas of opportunity and existing capacities in the territory, connect them together, and thus catalyse the transformation of the socio-productive model of the area towards sustainability. We are currently analysing specific and interconnected initiatives in the Nalón Valley area in depth and holding working sessions to connect initiatives.

On the other hand, SODECOEnlace externo, se abre en ventana nueva.  aims to contribute to the diversification of the economic structure of the central Asturian mining region, supporting the creation of companies or the strengthening of existing ones, promoting entrepreneurship and the creation of alternative employment to mining in its area of action. Since it was set up in 1988, it has participated in more than 160 projects in the central Asturian mining regions, with a total investment of more than €450 million, which initially generated more than 3,400 jobs.  

In 2020, it launched a new innovative mentoring program, HUB LaC6Enlace externo, se abre en ventana nueva., to support and finance new business projects. This new tool stems from the initiative to attract, mentor and finance new business models by creating a close, cooperative workspace in five main sectors such as: Agri-Food, Audio-visual, Tourism, Natural Resources & Energy and Nanotechnology.

Description of the challenge

Sodeco and Iberdrola, through PERSEO, Iberdrola's international start-up programme, seek to identify new business projects in the Langreo region, Nalón Valley (Asturias) related to the energy sector and sustainability - energy efficiency solutions, self-consumption, sustainable mobility, Smart Cities, photovoltaic generation and circular economy - in order to analyse the possibilities of promoting and supporting them and thus accelerate the energy transition in the region.
The proposals received will be analysed by PERSEO and SODECO, who will assess, among other requirements:

  • Impact on the decarbonization and electrification of the economy.
  • Maturity and scalability of the project.
  • Feasibility and sustainability of the business plan.
  • Impact on the region.
  • Location in the municipality of Langreo (Asturias).
  • Connection with initiatives identified in the Social Innovation Platform

The team composed of experts from PERSEO and SODECO will be responsible for selecting the project(s) that meet the requirements of the call. 

The prize

The prize will be a collaboration agreement with PERSEO or any other company belonging to the Iberdrola group.

SODECO, PERSEO and/or the other relevant company

  1. i.    They will provide the winner with technical and financial support, enabling access to funding, equipment, devices, infrastructure, high-tech sites and co-working areas..
  2. i.    They will provide the winner with access to a real environment in which to develop their project.

PERSEO and SODECO, after the first phase included in the previous points, and confirming the viability of the project, could co-invest with the Participant and/or winner of the challenge through their own investment vehicles.

3 to 28 February 2023 Deadline for registration
March 2023 Announcement of the winner