More than 130 startups have submitted projects to reduce the impact of natural disasters on the electricity service


The winning company will be able to launch a pilot and obtain investment for its project.#RRSSThe winning company will be able to launch a pilot and obtain investment for its project.

International call for the Startup Challenge: Residence to natural disasters, launched by Iberdrola Group in May, was a resounding success. A total of 131 startups from 24 countries presented 148 proposals to reduce the impact on infrastructures and shorten service restoration periods in case of natural catastrophes, as well as solutions to cover those risks.

The winning project will be announced in September and will be given the opportunity to carry out a pilot test, combining the skills of the selected company with Iberdrola's resources and market. If the pilot is a success, Iberdrola will include it among its maintenance tools and the winning startup will become a supplier to minimise the impact of meteorological events on the grid. What's more, the company will consider investing in the startup through the Iberdrola-Perseo international startup program.

Timeline of the Startup Challenge.#RRSSTimeline of the Startup Challenge.


Although the challenge's main market was the United States, proposals were received from around the world: 43 from the United States, 13 from Spain, 10 from the United Kingdom, 48 from the rest of Europe and 17 from the rest of the world. The enrolment period ended on 30 June.

By categories, the projects consisted of:

 Damage prevention: 90 applications.

 Recovery after a storm: 34 applications.

 Insurance risk coverage: 24 applications.

The solutions proposed implement modern technologies, such as Big Data, analytics and the use of drones.