Lund Hill, Washington's biggest solar project

Iberdrola group — through Avangrid Renewables, which belongs to its US subsidiary AVANGRID1, — is constructing the Lund Hill photovoltaic plant in Klickitat, Washington, USA. With an installed capacity of 193 MW, the new facility will be the state's biggest solar project once it is commissioned, which is envisaged for 2021.

Klickitat (Washington, USA)

Total installed capacity
193 MW

More than 100 million dollars

Start date

Lund Hill
photovoltaic plant

Wy'East Solar in Wasco, Oregon.

Iberdrola group, through its sub-holding company AVANGRID1, is currently present in 24 US states and distributes electricity and gas in New York, Maine, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Of its 8,364 MW of installed capacity in the country, 7,728 or 92.4 % come from wind and solar sources, and it has established its position as the third biggest wind power producer in the US.2 Nota

As part of its commitment to renewable energy, Avangrid Renewables — a subsidiary of AVANGRID1 — is developing the Lund Hill photovoltaic plant, Washington state's biggest solar project. Located in Klickitat County, the plant will have an installed capacity of 193 MW, once it is commissioned in mid 2021.

The project, which will require capital expenditure of more than US$100 million, will cover an area of approximately 1,800 acres under Washington state's first land lease for a solar complex. The area has been leased from private owners and from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources.

The state authorities expect Lund Hill to contribute to combating climate change as well as generating employment and reducing spending on energy by thousands of dollars.


Avangrid Renewables has reached agreement with Puget Sound Energy (PSE) on the supply of 100 % of the production of the Lund Hill photovoltaic plant. The electricity will supply PSE's customers in its innovative Green Direct, renewable energy program, for which more than 40 customers have already signed up, among them the Washington state government. The initiative allows customers to source their electricity entirely from specialist local renewable (wind and solar) sources.


(1) Nota AVANGRID, Inc. is 81,50 % owned by Iberdrola, S. A.

(2) Nota Data at the close of the 2018 Fiscal year.