Iberdrola in Germany

Leading offshore wind energy in Germany

We are the largest operator of offshore wind farms in the German Baltic Sea. With our offshore and onshore business divisions, we are actively involved in the planning, construction and operation of these facilities, as well as in photovoltaic projects.

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Wikinger offshore wind farm.

The Baltic Sea holds great potential for offshore wind energy in Europe. Countries such as Poland, Sweden, Estonia and especially Germany are exploring new opportunities for the development of this technology. In line with our commitment to accelerate the energy transition, at Iberdrola we have become an international benchmark in the development of offshore wind energy, with a key focus on Germany, where we maintain an integrated growth strategy.

Iberdrola, a key player in offshore development in Germany

Iberdrola's presence in Germany began in 2001 and was consolidated in 2017 with the entry into operation of the Wikinger offshore wind farm —with an installed capacity of 350 MW. This is the first offshore wind farm designed and operated entirely by a Spanish company and the driving force behind the company's consolidation as a benchmark in the renewable energy sector in Europe.

We bring together all our business activities to promote the generation of clean energy in an environment favourable to innovation and emblematic institutions. The Berlin-based company is currently the largest operator of offshore wind farms in the German Baltic Sea. With the offshore and onshore business divisions, Iberdrola Deutschland plans, builds and operates offshore and onshore wind farms as well as photovoltaic projects

addition, we offer our industrial and commercial customers solutions for the supply of green energy, from classic electricity supply to long-term PPA contracts. We also offer integrated cross-technology solutions, such as battery storage or the production of green hydrogen for industrial use. Our goal is to increase our clean energy generation in the coming years from solar PV, onshore wind and green hydrogen.

Iberdrola Deutschland's core businesses are:

  Renewables. The company, through Iberdrola Renewables DeutschlandEnlace externo, se abre en ventana nueva. , is helping to shape the German energy transition by producing clean energy for hundreds of thousands of households in Germany.

 Commercialisation. Through Iberdrola DeutschlandEnlace externo, se abre en ventana nueva. , we carry out commercial work in energy sales and offer innovative solutions for industrial customers.


Some key figures


350 MW

installed power


100 %

renewable energy


+700 MW

renewables in development

Data updated at the end of 2023

"Wikinger represents a further step in our commitment to the supply of clean, efficient and secure electricity. We will continue to strongly promote offshore wind technology, which allows us to advance in the energy transition towards a sustainable, low-carbon economy"

Ignacio S. Galán, Executive Chairman of Iberdrola

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