Electricity distribution and transmission in the US

Electricity distribution and transmission in the United States: challenges and opportunities

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The Iberdrola group, through its subsidiary in the US, is participating in the development of macro-projects that will connect clean energy between different regions of the country. In this transformation, smart grids and storage solutions will play a key role in facilitating the penetration of renewables and the electrification of the economy.


Energy Transmission in the United States: Challenges and Opportunities.

Electricity distribution and transmission in the US

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Electricity represents the energy carrier that allows for the largest share of clean energy, thereby also improving the overall efficiency and resilience of the energy system.

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The challenge of integrating renewable production in the United States requires efficient and digitised transmission and distribution networks (smart grids), as well as storage solutions.

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Smart grids are capable of integrating renewable installations of various sizes. Thanks to their bi-directional nature, the user can be both consumer and producer, producing energy or selling it to industrial or commercial users.

Source: FT