Chafariz reaffirms our commitment to onshore wind energy in Latin America

Iberdrola, through its subsidiary in Brazil Neoenergia*, will build the Chafariz wind complex in north-eastern Brazil. Formed by 18 wind farms that will amount a total installed capacity of more than 565 megawatts (MW), the new development will be commissioning between 2022 and 2023.

Santa Luzia (State of Paraíba, Brazil)

Number of turbines
181 model SG132 and G114 turbines

Total installed capacity
565 MW wind + 149.3 MW solar

Local employment
1,200 workers

Start of operations

Chafariz onshore wind
farm complex

Iberdrola group reaffirms its commitment to onshore wind in Brazil with the construction of a new flagship project. The Chafariz complex, which will be commissioning between 2022 and 2023, is located next to the town of Santa Luzia, in one of the windiest areas of America. This large renewable installation will consist of a total of 18 wind farms, of which three — Canoas, Lagoa I and Lagoa II — are already operating, while the other 15 are at different stages of development.

The total installed capacity of Chafariz will be over 565 MW, thanks to a total of 181 wind turbines with the following characteristics:

  • 136 model SG132 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 3.4 MW, one of the most modern and efficient wind turbines on the market, with 64.5-metre-long and 21-ton blades that have already begun to be installed.
  • 45 model G114 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 2.1 MW.

The nacelles, nationally manufactured, weight 70 tonnes. They will be installed at a height of 84 meters, equivalent to a 28-story building, and will move shovels that reach 129 meters in diameter.

This project will help to create local employment, with plans to hire over 1,400 workers for the construction work.

In addition to the special planning for transportation via highways, Neoenergia* had to make improvements in access to the region of the parks and construct 116 kilometres of roads. These services benefit the local population both with better road conditions and with job and income creation during the works.

The region will also be benefited with volunteering social and environmental actions, such as the training and hiring of professionals and the donation of solar panels to schools and public healthcare units.

Once the Chafariz complex is operating, Brazil will become the number 1 country in Latin America in terms of wind power capacity for the Iberdrola group.


The complex will also have the first solar plant for centralized generation for Neoenergia* Nota , with 149.3 MW power, enough energy to supply more than 100,000 households. This new park is expected to come into operation in the second half of 2022.

The production of this new solar plant will be allocated to the Free Contracting Environment (ACL), and it has already traded part of its energy through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Claro, a long-term agreement for the next twelve years, starting from 2022.


* Neoenergia, S. A. is 50 % + 1 share indirectly owned by Iberdrola, S. A.