We are developing a new large-capacity photovoltaic plant in Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca

Iberdrola is commencing a photovoltaic plant with an installed capacity of 300 MW in Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca), which it will start building in 2021. With an investment of almost 200 million euros, the project will involve local industrial suppliers and create up to 800 jobs at peak times.

Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca)

Number of solar panels

Total installed capacity
300 MW

Jobs created
800 jobs

Beginning of construction works

Ciudad Rodrigo
photovoltaic plant

The Iberdrola group is spearheading large-capacity renewable project development in Castilla y León, particularly in the province of Salamanca. In addition to its macroproject in Villarino, it is building a 300 MW photovoltaic plant in Ciudad Rodrigo, making Salamanca the province with the largest number of green products under construction or planned in the region.

The facility in Ciudad Rodrigo entails an investment of almost 200 million euros and will consist of 826,200 solar panels installed on a 439-hectare site between Valdecarros and the Torralba mountains, just 5 kilometres from the city centre. Once up and running, the photovoltaic power plant will produce enough clean energy to supply 150,000 homes.

The construction of the plant, which is scheduled to begin in 2021, also includes building infrastructure such as transformer centres, 800 V to 30,000 V elevators, an underground evacuation network, an earth network and communications. Around 800 people will be involved in this work during peak periods, many of whom will be local suppliers.


Iberdrola already operates more than 5,100 MW of renewable energies — hydro and wind — in Castilla y León, where among its most recent activities is the acquisition of the BaCa wind farm (Ballestas and Casetona), with an installed capacity of 69.3 MW. These facilities have already come on stream and their output will provide clean energy to the equivalent of 25,200 homes per year, preventing the emission of 40,000 tonnes of CO2 a year.

All this is part of the plan for investment in clean energy in Spain, which provides for the installation of 3,000 MW of renewable energy by 2022, and 10,000 by 2030, which will mean the creation of 20,000 jobs.

Currently the company has more than 4,000 MW — wind and photovoltaic — under construction or in the pipeline in Spain, in regions such as Extremadura, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León, Navarra, Aragón, Murcia, Cantabria and Andalucía.