Moving towards a modern and sustainable energy framework

The electricity sector is currently undergoing an exciting time of changes, aimed at achieving a new energy model with higher penetration of renewable energies and a higher dynamism and greater importance of customers. To achieve this, the regulatory environment is key to ensuring the sustainability of the system and guaranteeing a safe and quality supply of electricity.

1. Our general vision

We are migrating towards a scenario with a higher penetration of renewable energies.

The electrical system needs firm and flexible power.

The electricity grid allows the integration of distributed resources.

All contaminating sectors must contribute to the fight against climate change.

Society is now more aware of the vulnerable customer concept.

Competition should be encouraged where this is possible.

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1A. Decarbonising the economy

We back the goal of decarbonisation and take a leading role.

Renewables and firm capacity facilities require remuneration schemes that complement the price of electricity.

A strong signal that represents the price of CO2 is required to facilitate the change from fossil fuel power stations to gas power stations.

The finance model for climate action needs to be changed.

Energy market design | Price of CO2

Decarbonisation: against climate change

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1B. The electricity sector of the future

The grid is the backbone of the electricity sector of the future.

The tariffs applied for the use of the electricity grid must be upgraded according to the actual fixed and variable costs.

The current remuneration model for distribution networks should be complemented to reflect the new type of investments.

The climate action costs should be removed from tariffs and the new information should be provided via the smart meters to encourage competition.

Self-consumption | The value of the grid in the electrical system