The Ceclavín photovoltaic plant, our third photovoltaic project in Extremadura

Iberdrola is starting up its third photovoltaic plant in Extremadura. The Ceclavín plant has entailed an investment of €250 million and will have a total installed capacity of 328 megawatts.

Ceclavín and Alcántara (Cáceres)

Total installed capacity
328 MW

250 million euros

Beginning of construction works

Commissioning date

Ceclavín photovoltaic plant

Iberdrola group is commissioning its third photovoltaic project in the Extremadura municipalities of Ceclavín and Alcántara (Cáceres province). With an installed capacity of 328 MW it will prevent the emission of 110,000 tonnes of CO2 a year.

The project will supply clean energy to the 9,000 supply points of Orange's own network in Spain for a period of 12 years through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), a long-term power supply contract that will enable the telecommunications operator to keep its promise to use emissions-free energy nationwide. The Ceclavín plant, which will go into operation in 2020, will account for half of this consumption (200 GWh/year).

This project, which will involve an investment of around €250 million, is part of Iberdrola group's strategy to invest in renewable power generation projects in Spain — where it plans to install 3,000 MW by 2022 — and its commitment to forging bilateral agreements with big customers who are committed to sustainable consumption as a way of promoting the supply of energy at competitive, stable prices. The company is a global pioneer in the area of PPAs and manages agreements in markets that include Spain, the United States, the UK and Mexico, for wind and photovoltaic power projects totalling over 1,500 MW.


Iberdrola is Spain's leading wind power developer — with an installed capacity of more than 6,000 MW — and is a leader in renewable energies, with over 16,000 MW installed. Globally, its installed renewable capacity comes to over 32,000 MW, which makes its generation fleet one of the cleanest in the energy sector.

Iberdrola's commitment to a decarbonised economic model has entailed investments of almost €10 billions a year around the world, and it has allocated almost €100 billions in this area since 2001. Of this total, €25 billion have been invested in our country.