Smart urban mobility

Are we ready for the latest advances in urban mobility?

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Would you go to the theatre in a driverless taxi? Would you share your car or travel to work on someone else's car? The new urban mobility environment is going to change everything... starting with the way we think.

Smart mobility.

We have used our cars as privately-owned vehicles for over half a century. In some very punctual cases we have lent our car to a member of our family or friend. However, traffic jams and contamination in large cities are a huge threat to the environment and to our current standard of living. Our transport culture must change, and it needs to change right now.

The success of shared services is announcing the change in model that is already having an impact on different urban transport systems. In upcoming years, privately-owned vehicles will start to disappear and give way to new mobility approaches, — public, private and shared — which we cannot even imagine today. Some of them are already a reality, such as electric mobility. The electric car, driverless cars, digitisation and the collaborative economy will have a huge impact on changing the mobility models in large cities.

A smart city is committed to reducing traffic jams and the environmental impact, as well as CO2 emissions and noise pollution. Examples of the most significant advances achieved are shown below:

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