We are the most innovative Spanish utility, the third in Europe and the fourth in the world in resources allocated to R&D

Innovation is a strategic variable for the Iberdrola group and constitutes the main tool for guaranteeing the company's sustainability, efficiency and competitiveness.

Leaders in sustainable innovation.#RRSSLeaders in sustainable innovation.

 Innovation Policy [PDF]

Thanks to the group's strong commitment to innovation, Iberdrola is today Spain's most innovative utility and the third in Europe, according to the European Commission's classification.

In 2017, Iberdrola was the fourth largest energy company worldwide in terms of R&D investment, with a total of 246 million euros, 17% higher than in 2016. And over the last ten years this figure has grown by 237%, demonstrating the company's decisive commitment to this sector.

The provision of financial resources is aimed for the most part at projects in connection with offshore wind power, smart grids, clean generation and the roll-out of new products and digital services. The majority of R&D effort is based on three broad pillars:

Core points in the field of innovation in the Iberdrola group.#RRSSCore points in the field of innovation in the Iberdrola group.

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R&D efforts in the Iberdrola group are based on three large pillars, which are:

  • Efficiency, always aimed at continuous optimisation of our operations, lifetime management of our facilities and equipment, reduction of operating and maintenance costs and lowering of environmental impact. Thanks to the participation of all Iberdrola group personnel, over 200 R&D projects are being rolled out, which will have an impact on the business in the short/medium term.
  • The development of new products and services to respond to customer needs in an ever more global and competitive market. These are projects that, using existing technology, give rise to business models designed to offer a supply of energy, equipment and technology that is ever more efficient and respectful of the environment.
  • The use of disruptive technologies and business models that allow us to tackle future energy sector challenges. Via the PERSEO International Startup program, Iberdrola's corporate venture capital program, we are investing in technologies and new businesses that ensure the sustainability of the energy model.

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The company is also collaborating with a number of universities and institutions in the universalisation of energy services, as well as in driving knowledge in specific scientific, energy and IT areas thanks to an open and de-centralised R&D management model.


The main innovation activities in the field of Renewables focussed on improving the efficiency of our working assets and associated processes, encouraging the integration of renewable energy —through different initatives linked to the field of energy storage— and reducing costs in the design and construction of the installations, principally in the field of offshore marine wind power in order to limit risks and guarantee their competitiveness.

We are committed to offshore wind energy

Innovation activities in the Networks area are mainly concentrated on the development and expansion of smart grids, a technological evolution of the power distribution system that combines traditional with modern monitoring technologies, information systems and telecommunications.

Together with the digitisation of the distribution network, notable efforts have been made to offer a wide range of services to customers.

We foment the smart grids

R&D efforts in the Generation and Retail area are designed to bring about new developments that promote the flexibility, operational efficiency and safety of facilities, as well as reduce our environmental impact by implementing disruptive technologies and reducing emissions.

Work is also being carried out on the design of new products that ensure an efficient, fast and high quality service and which improve the customer's experience.

The client, in the middle of our strategy

The Systems area continues honouring its commitment to developing innovative projects that make it possible to create value for the different areas of the company, enabling them to gain a competitive edge in the market and increase their productivity and efficiency in all the countries where we have a presence.

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Some of the projects have received funding from official bodies. Access to outstanding information about all of them.

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Iberdrola-Perseo International Startup Program.

Our innovation reports.


Another clear example of the Iberdrola group's firm commitment to innovation is the opening of the Iberdrola Innovation Middle East Center, the new R&D centre developed by the company in Doha (Qatar). Located in the Qatar Science & Technology Park, Qatar's unique technological hub, it aims to create new products and services for digital utilities, working at the intersection between information and communication technologies and energy.