Best in Class in R&D&I

Three core points in the field of innovation of Iberdrola


Best in Class in R&D+I: Efficiency, new products and services, disruptive technologies.

Under the clear strategy contained in the R&D&I Plan, Innovation is Iberdrola's primary tool for guaranteeing the sustainability, efficiency, and competitiveness of the Company, based on three core points:

  • Efficiency, focused on continuous optimization of our operations, facilities and materials management, operations and maintenance cost reductions, and reduction in environmental impact. Thanks to the participation of all employees in Iberdrola Group, there are more than 200 R&D&I projects which are developing with an impact on the business in the short and medium term.
  • New products and services that respond to the needs of customers in a market that is increasingly global and competitive. These are projects that employing existing technology become business models which offer the most efficient and environmentally respectful supply of electricity, equipment and technologies. These include projects highlighting electrical efficiency, electric vehicles, smart grids and distributed generation resources.
  • Disruptive technologies and business models that allow us to face the energy challenges of the future. Through Perseo, Iberdrola's corporate venture capital programme, we invest in disruptive technologies and new businesses that ensure the sustainability of the energy model.

Thanks to the human and financial efforts expended on R&D&I, nowadays we are at the forefront of developing new products, services, and business models that are transforming the energy sector.

Awards to Iberdrola innovation

Thanks to the continuous commitment to innovation, Iberdrola has received the following awards:

Referentes en I+D+i: premios nacionales de innovación y diseño. 2015 National Innovation and Design Award in internationalization category.
Referentes en I+D+i: entrega del premio de las TIC en la Empresa española,. "Award to ICT promotion in the spanish Company", given by AMETIC in 2015.
Referentes en I+D+i: computing. Computing award, in the field of innovation and technologies of information, given by the Computing magazine.
Referentes en I+D+i: KPMG - El Confidencial. Award for Best practices in innovation, given by KPMG-El Confidencial.
Referentes en I+D+i: European business awards for the environment. Award to R&D&I REGALIZ project to 'process for sustainable development' in the European Environment Awards.
Referentes en I+D+i: European Smart Meeteting Awards 2014. ScottishPower has been awarded in the European Smart Meters Awards in the categories of "Innovation in customer service" and "implantation innovation".


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