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The company focuses its efforts on offering unique products and services to its customers.

Pioneers in digitisation


Energy Wallet
Purchase of green energy packages

Planes a Tu Medida
Only electric utility that offers hourly rates

Smart Solar
Distributed generation and storage

Smart Home and Smart Meter
Responsible use of energy

NYSEG Smart Solutions
Online store with energy efficient products

PowerUp and Elektro Fácil
Apps for managing consumption

Smart Mobility
Specific solutions and rates for electric vehicles

Iberdrola has already designed various unique products and services as a result of its commitment to digitisation, the customisation of products to suit the customer and excellence in its service. These include:


  • The Smart Mobility, Smart Home, Smart Solar and Smart Climate programs are aimed at improving efficiency and energy savings. Smart Mobility promotes the use of electric vehicles by offering a contract 10 times cheaper than fuel and making recharging points available to customers at their homes and an app from which to control the entire solution. Smart Home, thanks to its intelligent thermostat, allows responsible use of heating. Smart Solar aims to boost energy self-consumption with a customised installation of solar panels, comprehensive maintenance and ease of payment. And Smart Climate, which offers the consumer different air conditioning services to find the ideal temperature for the house (gas and electric boiler and heater, air conditioning an aerothermal energy).
  • Planes a Tu Medida: Iberdrola now has one million contracts for its Planes a Tu Medida, a product line that allows free-market customers to choose the plan that best fits their electricity consumption (daytime, night time, weekdays, weekends or even choosing the eight hours in the day with the highest consumption, etc.). Households can therefore benefit from average savings of 12% on the total amount of their bill. This initiative has been made possible by the information on hourly consumption provided by the more than 10.8 million smart meters installed in Spain.
  • Energy Wallet: a pioneering product that allows you to buy green energy packages for six, 12 or 24 months. By using Energy Wallet, the customer knows the final price in advance, can use the energy at different residences and perform any procedure in real time from his/her mobile phone. The customer can also select the renewable energy plant they want the contracted electricity to come from.



  • Smart meters: the UK subsidiary ScottishPower has already installed one million smart meters, which record the exact consumption of electricity in real time, thus helping customers to manage their use of energy and letting them know the real price of their bill.
  • In relation to the promotion of new consumption formulas, ScottishPower has created the application PowerUp, which allows customers to buy energy (gas and electricity) with their mobile phone according to their needs and forecasts. The tool offers packages on a daily basis or for one, three or six months, and with it you can view the energy used and not used.
  • Iberdrola's UK subsidiary has also launched Smart Green Electric Vehicle June 2020, a new rate for 100% renewable energy aimed at those people who charge their electric vehicle at home or who have a high consumption of energy. In parallel, an app has been developed that locates the nearest recharging points.


The distributors of Avangrid*, Iberdrola's subsidiary in the United States, offer several tools:

  • Central Maine Power provides its users with several smart consumption applications: Smart Meters uses technology to measure hour-to-hour consumption. This consumption data is stored and can be downloaded with Download My Data (for up to 2 years). Energy Calculator tells users how much power each household appliance consumes. And Usage Alerts sends alerts about power cuts and consumption by text message, email and telephone.
  • NYSEG has launched NYSEG Smart Solutions, an online store where customers can securely search for, compare and buy energy-efficient products, register for services and enjoy instant discounts, thereby saving money and energy and at the same time reducing their community's carbon footprint. The store was launched in Tompkins County (New York) in 2017 and was expanded statewide in 2018.

Energy evaluation carried out by NYSEG Smart Solutions.Energy evaluation carried out by NYSEG Smart Solutions.

  • Berkshire Gas offers Energy Analyzer, a tool that helps users to set up energy saving plans and reduce consumption.
  • When it comes to sustainable mobility, Business Solutions has an electric vehicle grant program for NGOs, enabling them to buy or lease vehicles or install charging stations.


  • Elektro Fácil: Iberdrola's Brazilian subsidiary, Neoenergia**, through its distributor Elektro, makes available to its customers a mobile application that allows them to check their consumption, access invoices and manage their payments. The app includes other services such as reading the meter, programming an automatic shutdown or requesting a new connection.

Neoenergias Elektro Fácil application.Neoenergia's Elektro Fácil application.


  • As part of the Iberdrola International subsidiary, Iberdrola Ireland has a mobile app for looking up past bills, submitting meter readings and getting real-time assistance.

Iberdrola Ireland App.Iberdrola Ireland App.


* Avangrid, Inc. is 81,50% owned by Iberdrola, S.A.

** Neoenergia, S.A. is 50% + 1 share indirectly owned by Iberdrola, S.A.