Renewable Energy Operation Centre Spain: a pioneering global project

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The Renewable Energy Operation Centre (CORE by its Spanish initials) in Toledo controls and operates, in real time, Iberdrola's wind, photovoltaic and mini-hydraulic facilities in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Mexico, Hungary, Romania and Italy. Its director explains why this pioneering global project first came about and how it has developed since then.

The Renewable Energy Operation Centre (CORE) in Toledo (Spain) became operational at the end 2003 to manage the assets of Iberdrola's Renewable Energy group subsidiary, created only a year before. Its objective was to improve the technical management and economic performance of these facilities in order to increase the quality of the renewable energy supplied.

It began by supervising 29 Spanish wind farms, but very soon electrical substations and hydraulic power plants were integrated, as well as other wind facilities located in countries such as France, Italy, Portugal, Poland and Germany. Today, the centre in Toledo operates over 150 renewable energy plants located in seven countries. It monitors over 1,800,000 data items in real time and controls over 7 GW of active power.

The Toledo CORE was the first facility of its kind to be put into operation anywhere in the world and became an international technological benchmark. During its more than 15 years of operation, it has experienced a constant development and has been the precursor of new applications and progress in the planning, operation and maintenance of wind farms. The company has exported the Spanish model to other countries in which it has developed renewable energy control centres.


Of the main functions of the CORE in Toledo the following are worth highlighting:

 To remotely address incidents 
A specialized team made up of operators, engineers and IT experts gives remote support to any incident that occurs at the facilities connected to the centre. It thus achieves an increase in the plant's availability and improves staff management.

 It centralises all the operation information 
A centralized and homogeneous management allows for the improvement of maintenance processes.

 It incorporates new energy control functions
The objective is that the system adapts to the regulatory changes.

The next challenge for this control centre is to integrate the other renewable energy technologies and the power Iberdrola group has planned to install according to its 2018-2022 strategic plan.

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