Startup challenge:: Collaborative electric charge solutions

The winners of the collaborative charging challenge: a battery charging solution and a garage access app

Two very different companies have won the first 2020 Startup Challenge for Collaborative Charging Solutions: and Homyhub. The challenge targeted collaborative charging solutions for users of electric vehicles looking to share a charging point and/or make use of other people's charging points.

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The winners will be able to test their solution with the Iberdrola Smart Mobility team.

Currently, a large proportion of vehicles spend the night on the street, and their owners do not have access to their own charging point. The people that do have one find that when they are away from their usual charging point, they also need solutions for recharging their vehicles at their destinations.

On the other hand, some of the existing charging points are underutilised, and therefore available for a large part of the day (homes, business centres, supermarkets, etc.).

So Iberdrola has been on the look out for External link, opens in new window. cooperative recharging solutions for these users so that they can share their charge points and make use of those belonging to third parties (business or private) using technologies such as:

 software platforms

 automated solutions for access to car parks and locked areas

 online management of recharging points, etc.

The two winning startups — out of a total of 54 submissionsare the UK's with a charging solution and Spain's Homyhub with a garage access app.

On the one hand, London-based External link, opens in new window. uses existing street infrastructure to provide two electric vehicle charging solutions:

  • A lamppost smart charge point that fits onto existing street furniture
  • A satellite bollard smart charge point for greater placement flexibility

On the other hand, Homyhub External link, opens in new window. have developed an app enabling users to open the garage with their phones, as well as monitoring and managing garage access anytime, anywhere.

The app works by installing a device in the garage to open the door hands-free as the vehicle pulls in. It can also be used to send customised virtual commands for visitors.

What benefits does this challenge bring?

 Pilot project

Iberdrola will give the winner of the challenge financial and technical support to test their solution with the Iberdrola Smart Mobility team, with access to the resources needed to evaluate it (equipment, personnel, infrastructure, high-tech positioning, co-working areas, etc.).

 New customers and investors

If the pilot project is successful, the company will include it among its mobility solutions to improve the vehicle charging station network. Perseo may also consider investing in the project.

 Business scalability

The winning technology may be scalable to other business areas in the group.

Madrid in motion

The Collaborative recharging solutions challenge is part of Madrid in Motion External link, opens in new window., an urban mobility hub launched by External link, opens in new window. with support from Madrid City Council and the Municipal Transport Company which produces collaborative and innovative solutions to the challenges of mobility, to ensure a positive impact on the future of cities and the lives of their inhabitants.

Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

This new Startup Challenge was once again inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which Iberdrola group has incorporated into its business strategy. Specifically, this initiative is aimed at supplying affordable and clean energy (SDG 7), as well as driving industry, innovation and infrastructure (SDG 9).