Do you know how many things drones can do for you?

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New technologies have turned these small unmanned aerial vehicles into vital tools to save lives, fight against fires and for work at heights.

Drone flying over the Amazon US East wind farm (North Carolina, US).Drone flying over the Amazon US East wind farm (North Carolina, US).

Drones are small remotely controlled aerial vehicles, i.e., they are unmanned aerial vehicles. They look like helicopters or reconnaissance aircraft and, without a doubt, one of their strengths is the many different applications for which they can be used.

Miniaturisation has made it possible for drones to fit inside a rucksack or even on the palm of the hand, which makes them our best ally in very different scenarios: they can monitor crops, detect water leakages, monitor species in danger of extinction, find people in emergency situations, help predict the weather, speed up the electricity grid inspection and maintenance tasks, and a long etcetera.

From a business point of view, the drone revolution is leading to an in-depth transformation of the main sectors of activity, since they can take on complex tasks and reduce costs. According to the Clarity from above report prepared by PwC (May 2016), the budding drone market will generate business opportunities valued at over $127,000M — in particular, in the infrastructures, agriculture and transport sectors —. According to the EU, the market will have a €100,000M value in Europe by 2025.

The laws are being adapted and Europe is working on a single law that regulates the airspace between the ground and an altitude of 150 m: the following will be mandatory: a certification issued by the corresponding transport authority of each country, an authorisation for the company, an aeronautical civil responsibility insurance policy and an identification number for each drone.

These small aerial wizards are already prepared to help us in many different missions:

The drone revolution: most common uses.#RRSSThe drone revolution: most common uses.

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