Iberdrola, the utility of the future

The company has undergone a major transformation over the last 15 years, staying clearly ahead of the energy transition in order to tackle the challenges posed by climate change and the need for clean electricity.

With a history of more than 170 years, Iberdrola is today an international energy company: it produces and supplies electricity to almost 100 million people in the countries in which it operates.

Iberdrola concentrates is operations in the following countries and geographical areas, in which it is a leading and reference company, thanks to its sustainable energy model:

Iberdrola, an international energy leader.#RRSSIberdrola, an international energy leader.

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Iberdrola is today an international energy leader with presence in the following countries and geographical areas:

  • In the Eurozone, the company is present in Spain, Portugal, France and Germany, after consolidating its position as the leading wind energy producer. After reducing its emissions by 75% in Europe since 2000, on average, the emissions of the Iberdrola Group are currently 70% less than those of its competitors. The company operates through Iberdrola España, a subholding company, and its parent companies of the Renewables, Electricity distribution and Generation businesses.
  • In the United Kingdom, the company is present through ScottishPower, a subholding company, and its parent companies of the Renewables, Networks and Generation businesses. Iberdrola is the largest wind energy producer and leading distribution and transmission network company in Scotland, Wales and England.
  • In the US, the company is present through Avangrid, a subholding company listed in the stock exchange — in which Iberdrola, S.A. holds an 81.5% stake — and its parent companies of the Renewables and Networks businesses. Iberdrola is the third largest wind power producer, distributing gas and electricity in the states of New York, Maine, Connecticut and Massachusetts through eight regulated companies.
  • In Mexico, the company is present through Iberdrola Mexico, a subholding company, and its parent companies of the Renewables and Generation businesses. Iberdrola is the largest private electricity producer of the Mexican market.
  • In Brazil, Iberdrola has managed to be present through Neoenergia, a subholding company  — in which Iberdrola, S.A. holds an 52.45% stake —, the leading energy company in Latin America.

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Iberdrola is committed to low energy emissions: is the top renewable energy producer in Europe and a global leader in terms of installed onshore wind power. It is also outstanding as the cleanest electricity company in the USA, with almost zero emissions. As a result of its unwavering commitment to the environment and to the decarbonisation of the economy, it has managed to reduce its emissions in Europe by 75% since 2000, reaching levels that are 70% below the average figures of the European companies in the sector.

Iberdrola, as the utility of the future, is committed to clean energies, smart grids, efficient energy storage and the development of customer-tailored solutions. The strategy focuses on the company's Stakeholders, establishing a permanent dialogue with them. The company trusts in digital transformation as a means to face the challenges of the future energy scenario with success, according to two cornerstones: technology and innovation.

Iberdrola is now embarking on a new stage of growth, supported by a strong investment drive between 2016 and 2020, essentially in regulated businesses or with long-term contracts, which will provide the security, stability and visibility that are the hallmarks of the company's business model. Likewise, Iberdrola will continue maintaining its social commitments, acting as a driver for the growth and generation of employment in the countries in which it operates, and creating sustainable value for its Stakeholders.



To maximise the competitiveness of its business model, Iberdrola has organised the management of its activities around three global businesses: networks, wholesale and retail and renewables.

On account of which, the group is currently working on the construction of various flagship projects which have become veritable milestones for the group in terms of their importance, size and commitment to innovation.

At the close of the Fiscal Year 2017 Iberdrola has secured a net profit of 2,804 million euros, which is 3.7% higher than the same period in the previous year, thanks to the company's resilience and international diversification, compensating the impact of the low output in Spain.

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A sustainable energy business model

The business plan of the Iberdrola group and its business model are aimed at creating sustainable value for the societies in which the company is present and for its eight Stakeholders, with which it maintains fluid communication channels.

Iberdrola identifies and respects the needs of each country in which it operates. The new experiences of each market have reinforced the culture and values of our brand:

    - In Spain, through Iberdrola.

    - In United Kingdom, through ScottishPower.

    - In US, through Avangrid*.

    - In Mexico, through Iberdrola México.

    - In Brazil, through Neoenergia**.

    *Avangrid, Inc. is 81.50% owned by Iberdrola, S.A.

    **Neoenergia Inc. is 52.45% owned by Iberdrola, S.A.

Hard work, talent, commitment and enthusiasm have always been the life force driving Iberdrola's history, a group that is now firmly established on both sides of the Atlantic.

The company is today the number one European electricity company in terms of market capitalisation, and a world leader in renewable energy.