Renewable Energy Operation Centre (CORE) in Brazil

Renewable Energy Operation Centre of Brazil: Iberdrola's most modern control centre in the world

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The Renewable Energy Operation Centre (CORE) of Iberdrola group's Brazilian subsidiary Neoenergia controls and operates 17 wind farms and six renewable generation substations in real time. Roger Mendonça, from the Neoenergia Operational Relations department, presents the company's most advanced CORE in the world to date.

CORE Brasil

Roger Mendonça, Operational Relations Department. Video voice transcription (Spanish version) [PDF]


The Rio de Janeiro COREwas created in May 2019 to centralise management of Iberdrola group renewable assets in Brazil and to support its growth forecasts for the coming years. The centre currently operates 17 wind farms and six substations with total installed power of 500 MW. By 2022, it is expected to control a further 27 renewable plants and five substations, which add up to around 1,500 MW.

The Rio de Janeiro CORE is the most technologically advanced of all the group's control centres and includes the latest versions of the CORE platform as well as state-of-the-art operating systems, graphic resolutions and Scada tools. It also appliesbest cybersecurity practices.

Objectives of the Brazilian CORE

Optimise renewable generation asset management accounting for different energy sale contractual modalities.

Reduce maintenance and operational costs.

Standardise operation of wind turbines from different manufacturers.

Improve compliance with network procedures requiring a national operator from the electricity system.

CORE was commissioned in Brazil in accordance with health and safety requirements and the Neoenergia's governing principles, which are sustainability, team integration and dynamism.

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