Digital identity

Find out what is digital identity and protect who you are

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Just as in your life you have an identity that defines you and differentiates you from others according to your name, traits, personal characteristics, acts... On the Internet you also have what is known as digital identity.


Digital identity.

What is digital identity and what it means?

The digital identity is the virtual image that is created of your person based on what you share on the Internet (likes, personal data, opinions...), but also what others share about you (photos tagged, comments...).

Have you ever tried to find your name on the Internet?

Photos, professional profiles, sports test results... These are just a few examples of information that anyone can know about you with just a simple search.

What if someone uses that information against you?

In the event that someone, with not very good intentions, accessed that information, they could use it against you by making negative publications about you or even supplanting your identity in the worst case scenario.

To prevent this from happening and make sure that at all times you decide what you want to share with others, here are some tips to help you take care of your digital identity.

Digital identity, protect who you are.