Scams on the Internet... Don't fall for it!

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Awards that do not exist, unbeatable job offers, products at prices too low... These are just a few examples of scams that circulate nowadays on the Internet. Would you know how to detect them?


Scams on the Internet... Don't fall for it!

"Congratulations! You've just won an incredible trip!"

"Do you want to work from home? Send us your information and we'll call you."

Does it sound familiar? Have you ever received a message like these?

These are actually scams that have existed throughout life but, over time, have had to adapt to new technologies making the Internet the ideal place to operate from. Could you recognize them?

These false offers often come through emails, SMS, instant messaging or even social networks. Through a fraudulent link they take you to pages where they request certain information — especially bank information —. Other times, the online scams require that you call a telephone number through which you end up subscribed to a service for which your phone bill will be increased at the end of the month and sometimes even request an advance payment for products that you will never receive.

Cyberdelinquency is the order of the day and can reach anyone with a simple click. If you want to know how to detect them so as to avoid falling into them, follow the advice below:

Scams on the Internet... Don't fall for it!

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