Security on every click when browsing the Internet

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In addition to the endless number of advantages it offers, the Internet also requires a series of precautions to be taken to prevent the threats hidden behind the screen.

Today surfing the Internet has become more than an everyday action. At any moment and with just one click, we can search information on a website, publish on social networks, check our email, buy or even do banking.

This facility to access the Internet and everything we need simplifies our day to day, but... are we aware of the dangers after each click?

Just as in real life there are criminals, on the Internet, cybercriminals exploit every neglect, both human and technical, to steal information, propagate viruses or take any action they can use for their own benefit.

However, even if when connecting to the Internet we are exposed to these types of threats, safe surfing is possible. How? Simply, being aware of the risks that exist and applying a series of simple recommendations like those that we indicate to you next.

Security on every click when browsing the Internet.#RRSSSecurity on every click when browsing the Internet.

Discover our tips to surf safely the Internet


When you surf the internet, there are many threats that hide behind each click, among others:

  • Malicious pages
  • Links that lead to fraudulent sites
  • Files with viruses


Avoid falling into them and move on the Internet safety:

  • When providing sensitive information (passwords, bank data...) in a web, check that on the browser bar appears HTTPS or a green lock.
  • Disable the "remember passwords" option and close your sessions on exit.
  • Occasionally delete browsing history, cookies and temporary files.
  • Pay attention to links and attachments before clicking on them.
  • Keep your computers up-to-date (operating system, browsers and applications) and install, whenever possible, an antivirus.

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