A global commitment to investing in startups

The Iberdrola - PERSEO Startup initiative, which includes a Venture Capital program, covers a wide range of national and international projects, in addition to other funding programs focusing on technology providers and projects with an important social component.

Projects of the Iberdrola - PERSEO International Startup program.#RRSSProjects of the Iberdrola - PERSEO International Startup program.

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 Other programs


Provides services to improve wind turbine maintenance procedures. Its solution is based on the use of drones to gather data and obtain information, which is then processed by a software platform that analyses this data and generates a report automatically, with information about the state of assets and using artificial intelligence and image recognition techniques.

Arbórea Intellbird | UAVS for predictive maintenance (VIDEO)

Offers solutions to improve the operation and maintenance of assets, using its patented technology, which combines its optical sensors to monitor and measure the specific characteristics of fluids (lubricants) and a software platform to perform the advanced early diagnosis and offer associated services.

Atten2 | Eneko Gorritxategi (CTO) and Edgar Martínez (CEO) explain what is Atten2 and its key strengths (VIDEO)

Spin-off between Iberdrola and the Dominguis Group, which develops and markets technologies for the operation and maintenance of facilities in the energy sector.


Iluméxico offers solutions for deprived communities, so they can have access to electricity using its solar energy systems.


With its headquarters in Houston, Innowatts offers software solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and big data to help digitise and automate the processes of the energy sector, contributing to improving efficiency and reducing the costs of the electricity system.


Its goal is to make solar power more competitive by means of improving the efficiency, durability and reduce the costs of the current solutions.

Morgan Solar | Savanna tracker product (VIDEO)
Savanna tracker installation (VIDEO)

They focus their work and resources on offshore and onshore wind power technologies to use waves as a source of energy.

Oceantec | Marine energy (VIDEO)

It offers innovative solutions that are changing the way energy is distributed and consumed by combining powerful learning software and advanced energy storage systems, simultaneously helping businesses better manage energy costs while creating a more efficient electrical grid.

Stem | Distributed storage (VIDEO)

Established in San Francisco and with headquarters in Washington (USA) and Nairobi (Kenya), this company specialises in funding solar power projects in emerging markets, where over 2.2 billion people live without access to reliable energy sources.

SunFunder | Access to electricity in emerging countries (VIDEO)