Our main businesses

To maximise the competitiveness of its business model, Iberdrola has organised the management of its activities around three global businesses:

 Flagship projects

Networks business.

The networks area is responsible for building, operating and maintaining electricity lines, substations, transformation centres and other infrastructures to transfer electrical power from the production centres to the end user. Among its main objectives are:

  • Zero accidents.
  • Offering an excellent service to our costumers, based on supply quality and providing information about the grid.
  • Maximising efficiency during the operation of the system through operational excellence and the digitisation of our assets.
  • Leading the transformation towards more efficient integration of renewable and distributed energy.


Wholesale and retail business.

The generation and retail area focusses on the production of electricity through building, operating and maintaining generation centres, and the purchase and sale of power on wholesale markets. It is likewise responsible for supplying the end user with power and additional services and products. Among its main objectives are:

  • Competitive supply and excellence in customer service.
  • Operational excellence, safety and respect for the environment.
  • Identification and minimisation of risk.
  • Safety and continuous improvement in the efficiency of operations.
  • Analysis of growth opportunities.

Regulatory environment. [PDF]

Renewables business.

The renewable energy area is responsible for generating and marketing electrical power using renewable sources: wind (onshore and offshore), mini-hydro, solar thermal, photovoltaic, biomass, etc. Nowadays, Iberdrola is a leader in clean energy — it is the top renewable energy producer amongst energy providers in Europe and the US —. Among its main objectives are:

  • Safety during operations.
  • Efficiency in operations for maximising the profitability of assets.
  • Efficiency in construction costs with special emphasis on offshore wind energy projects.
  • Profitable growth in offshore and onshore wind energy in the countries that are strategic for the group.

Regulatory environment. [PDF]