First Half 2016

Renewables recorded an EBITDA of €836.5 million, down 3%, mainly due to lower production in the UK.

At the end of the first half 2016:

  • Business performance was particularly good in Spain, where EBITDA grew by 22.7% to €319.7 million, driven by a 7% increase in output.
  • Renewables also recorded good progress in the United States, with an EBITDA of US$311 million (up 3.9%) and a 10.3% increase in output.
  • In the United Kingdom, however, output fell by 26.2% affecting EBITDA which dropped to £116.6 million (-34.4%).
  • In Latin America and rest of the world, the renewables business presented an EBITDA of €36.8 million (-2.2%) and €49.9 million (-4.4%), respectively.

Further information on economic-financial and operating data of the Iberdrola Group can be found in the section In FiguresFirst Half 2016 Report Results [PDF] and Results Presentation First Half 2016 [PDF].