First Half 2017

The Renewables business records an Ebitda of €819.6M during the year.

At the close of the First Half 2017:

  • In Spain, Ebitda reached €257.5M.
  • We can highlight the salient performance of the business in the United Kingdom, with an increase in its Ebitda, which totalled £153.7M (+31.7%) thanks to the higher operational power (+18.3%) and an increase in the load factor. In the United States, the Ebitda totalled $319.6M (+2.8% increase), thanks to the increase in production.
  • In Latin America, higher prices and the rise in value of the Brazilian Real have boosted the Ebitda of the business by 13%, reaching €41.6M.
  • Likewise, in the Renewable Energy area, we can highlight that all foundations (jackets) have already been laid and 12 turbines have been installed in the Wikinger offshore wind farm. In addition, new wind energy facilities have been commissioned in the United Kingdom, United States and Brazil.

Further information on economic-financial and operating data of the Iberdrola Group can be found in the section In Figures, First Half 2017 Report Results [PDF] and Results Presentation First Half 2017 [PDF].