We offer services for energy efficiency and digitalisation of the electricity grid

Our work includes providing innovative services to producers and energy consumers, increase efficiency and reliability across the network. Our aim is to achieve a cleaner, smarter energy usage around the world.

 Energy services

We offer innovative solutions to our customers to minimise their consumption and contribute to the decarbonisation and diversification of the economy. We carry out audits and implement energy management systems and efficiency measures, as well as certifications of savings using the big data to learn consumption habits and avoid energy wastage. Also, we design and implement complete renewable energy systems at microgrid level, both stand-alone and connected to the grid.

 Energy Efficiency Services for final users [PDF]

 Training services

We provide training services to promote a better understanding of the digital utility and facilitate the transition to a digital energy network. Our courses are targeted to professionals and engineers working in the power industry or in information and communications technologies who are looking to upgrade and expand their practical skills in response to the latest market demands. We customise training to meet the requirements and the knowledge level of each company.

 Digital utility applications- training for professionals [PDF]

 Advisory services

We provide guidance in different areas:

  • Advanced metering infrastructure: leveraging the large experience of Iberdrola group, with more than 13 million installed worldwide, the centre provides technical advice to Middle East utilities at all the stages of the implementation of their smart grid program.
  • Microgrid design: we provide technical advice to both distribution system operators and large consumers of energy; in the investment process as well as design criteria for the optimal configuration of clean-energy-based microgrids.
  • Energy systems modelling: we provide planning services to utilities by undertaking energy technology outlook analysis and developing advanced models of the energy system to assess the potential impact of technology trends, in the short, medium and long term.

 AMI advisory projects to Middle East Utilities [PDF]

 Distributed solar power economic adoption modelling [PDF]

 Outlook of PV cost assessment [PDF]

 Technology assessment and economic modelling of HVDC Interconnectors [PDF]

 Benefits of adopting an Electrical Vehicle strategy [PDF]

 Micro Grid Sizing Leaflet [PDF]

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