El Cabo and Amazon US East: two flagship projects in the US

Iberdrola, through its subsidiary in the United States, Avangrid, has in these wind farms two of the most representative facilities in the country: together they will supply energy from renewable sources to about 1.5 million homes.


Iberdrola is building a wind farm in Torrance County (New Mexico, USA) through its US subsidiary AVANGRID Renewables. This particular region has one of the windiest and most complex climates in the country, where severe storms are commonplace and temperatures can exceed 50 °C. With an investment of approximately 500 million dollars, El Cabo will have a total capacity of 298 MW and will be able to generate clean electricity for about 900,000 homes.

Gamesa was the company selected to supply 149 G114 turbines, with 2.1 megawatts (MW) of unit capacity, in order to equip this new Iberdrola wind project. The launch of this new facility is planned for the end of 2017.

Iberdrola has already secured the sale of the energy generated by this facility through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), a contract that guarantees the profitability of the power plants in the country over a long period of time.

PPAs — already signed for a large portion of Iberdrola's wind farms in the United States — have provided stability for the company's investments in this strategic market, being one of the cornerstones of our commitment to the field of renewable energy within the country.


Amazon US East: main project data.#RRSSAmazon US East: main project data.

The Amazon US East wind farm, which was recently commissioned, is one of the commitments of the large North American multinationals to the generation of renewable energies and of Avangrid(*) Nota as a prestigious company of the sector. Located in the Pasquotank and Perquimans counties, it has a 208 MW capacity and is the first large industrial-scale wind farm in North Carolina.

Other projects under construction

Through its US subsidiary AVANGRID Renewables, Iberdrola is currently working on the construction of three other wind farms in the United States, amounting to a power output capacity of nearly 240 MW. The company expects to commission these before the end of 2017. The designated facilities are the following:

  • Tule (California, 131.10 MW)
  • Deerfield (Vermont, 30 MW)
  • Twin Buttes II (Colorado, 75 MW)


(*) Nota 81.5% owned by Iberdrola.