Innoday 2018, our commitment to innovation and young talent

The Iberdrola group has held the first edition of the Innoday fair, highlighting the role of innovation as a seed for social and economic progress.

On 23 May, the company's international campus in San Agustín del Guadalix (Madrid) became the perfect setting for Innoday 2018, a meeting place to showcase the most innovative initiatives that are transforming the energy sector, promote knowledge exchange and attract young talent.

The event was attended by the company chairman, Ignacio Galán, accompanied by representatives from some of the universities that collaborate with Iberdrola. During his speech, as well as thanking the universities for their support and acknowledging the importance of their work as drivers of talent, Ignacio Galán ratified the company's desire to continue to consolidate its role as the utility of the future.

At Innoday 2018, 25 exhibitors displayed their most innovative energy projects. These included both the group's own business areas as well as suppliers, customers, entrepreneurs, public administrations and start-ups committed to R&D development.


The over 600 visitors to Innoday 2018 were able to see at first hand how Iberdrola is applying the use of drones to check wind turbines or observe in situ how an electric car works. There was also a virtual visit to the Wikinger offshore wind farm and a chance to learn what the inside of a nuclear power station is like and about some of Iberdrola's new customer-focused products.


Ignacio Galán also revealed the commitment of the Iberdrola group to universities as a basis for encouraging enterprise. The aim is to strengthen the link between business and university through the transfer of knowledge and by attracting young talent by means of various initiatives — research chairs, R&D projects, grants and placements for students, internal staff training and support for young entrepreneurs —. Many of the universities working with Iberdrola had a significant presence at Innoday 2018.

To showcase this innovation fair, Onda Cero's radio show Más de Uno was broadcast from the Iberdrola Campus and included an interview with Ignacio Galán. The group's chairman explained how Iberdrola helps talented youngsters to innovate. He also chatted with Carlos Alsina about the company's achievements over recent years and about the kinds of challenges it will face in the future. Listen to the full interview.

Ignacio Galán during the interview he gave on Onda Cero's 'Más de uno' radio show.Ignacio Galán during the interview he gave on Onda Cero's 'Más de uno' radio show.

Innoday 2018 has become a meeting place where excellence in the energy sector and the most innovative and sustainable practices come together, allowing us to continue progressing towards becoming the utility of the future.

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