At the forefront of digital transformation

The Iberdrola group's investments in its innovation and digital transformation program will top €1,000 million between 2018 and 2022, and a new Global Information Technology (IT) Security Plan and Cybersecurity.


 2018/2022 Outlook: Outlook Resources [PDF]

2018/2022 Global Information Technology (IT) and Security Plan.#RRSS2018/2022 Global Information Technology (IT) and Security Plan.


Information Technology (IT) approach.#RRSSInformation Technology (IT) approach.

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Iberdrola group investments in its innovation and digital transformation program will top €1,000 million between 2018 and 2022.

Digitisation (automation, advanced O&M model, preventive maintenance, big data, digitisation of services and the development of new e-solutions) is transforming the way we work and will entail an additional €600 million in EBITDA by 2022.


Innovation and digital transformation:

  • Initiatives related to smart metering programs
  • Big data and analysis tools
  • Development of new products and services for retail customers
  • Improved asset lifecycle management


  • Adoption of the highest technology standards for cloud-based IT services, our mobility services, and for improving infrastructures

Global IT and Security Plan:

  • Effectively guarantee critical assets and processes
  • Improved control over grid access and data security
  • Enhanced intrusion prevention

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 SEE INFOGRAPHIC: 2018/2022 Global Information Technology (IT) and Security Plan [PDF]


Big data and data gathering and interpretation applications based on advanced analytics are used for:

    - The management of information obtained from smart meters

    - Maintenance of wind turbines

    - Characterise customers through their needs and lifestyles

    - Digitisation and automation of the fleet (nuclear, cycles and cogeneration)

The progress made in the investigations of the blockchain technology and bitcoin protocols is applied to:

    - The development of financial transactions in treasury scenarios

    - Electric vehicle charging points

    - Wholesale energy trading

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The digitisation of the processes and sales will contribute an extra 250 million euros of efficiencies accumulated during the period 2018/2022.

Agile and efficient methodologies are used in back office processes, employee and shareholder relation scenarios, for the self-reservation of trips and in e-billing processes.

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Much progress has been made in the inspection of infrastructures, improving these procedures thanks to the use of drones that easily get to control points that are hard to reach: wind turbines, high-voltage power lines, dams, towers, etc.

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Many applications have been hosted in the cloud to facilitate secure access to them from any device and place: sales force, finance platform, office computing and corporate tools, etc.

We develop machine learning techniques for:

    - Speech recognition and written language

    - Robotics

    - Search engines

    - Diagnosis

    - Fraud detection

    - Analysis of complains

We can offer an improved and quicker service to the consumer, thanks to the advanced digital interconnection of devices, systems and services to the Internet, guaranteeing the efficiency and safety of our professionals. A clear example are the applications created for customers to manage their electricity, gas and service contracts.

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Agile tools have been developed with new protocols, platforms and applications, which give a response to the traditional processes, improving their productivity in different operations such as safe mobility, online management of maintenance and stores, digitisation of work orders, to enhance safety and equality and reliability of data.

We develope reverse re-engineering processes to create 3D models with practical applications that simulate the operation and safety assessment procedures carried out on wind turbines.

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We collaborate with different entities to generate value, productivity and efficiency. A clear example is our agreement with the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to boost the innovation of clean energies.

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 SEE INFOGRAPHIC: At the forefront of digital transformation [PDF]


In addition, the company has asked its employees to submit their innovating ideas each year, so these can translate into a specific number of pilot projects. An example of this is the Accelerator project, a work team made up of 26 young employees of Iberdrola in Spain, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Brazil, who meet on a regular basis to discuss on how to turn the company into the largest global utility within the next ten years.


The company has received the following awards for its progress and developments:

  • 2017 Digital Disruption Award, given by ComputerWorld magazine to the company for its corporate network virtualisation project for test environments.
  • Iberdrola received the digital transformation award in the European Digital Mindset Awards, organised as part of the DES2017 congress.
  • Fernando Lucero, Chief Information Officer of Iberdrola, received the award for the best CIO of 2017 from CIONET Internacional.