Digitisation, one of our strategic pillars

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The San Agustín del Guadalix campus hosted on 17 and 18 October the latest Digital Summit, a meeting that once again demonstrated the Iberdrola group's commitment to the digital transformation and where representatives from Google or Microsoft took part.


By organising this event, attended by some 350 people, the company pursued four fundamental objectives:

  • Analysing how other companies are coping with the digital transformation.
  • Bringing together the company's digital leaders from around the world to identify the key trends and technologies driving the digital economy.
  • Discovering how digitalisation is shaping business culture.
  • Enjoying the opportunities offered by networking.

On the first day of the Digital Summit 2018, representatives from Google, Deloitte, UBER and BBVA, among other companies, took part, and the special Women & Technology panel was held. The second day was internal in nature and was organised around a debate panel in which business directors from the Iberdrola group participated in order to present their most significant advances in digitalisation.

One of the most important announcements during the company's new Digital Summit was the forecast of 4.8 billion euros of investment in digital transformation until 2022.

Ignacio Galán, Chairman of Iberdrola

Digitalisation is one of our strategic pillars: it is providing new opportunities in all business areas

Iberdrola group will focus its investment effort on improving the operation and maintenance of its assets by using data analytics and artificial intelligence and increasing the availability of its generation plants. The company also plans to have installed 20 million smart meters in Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States by 2022.


The Iberdrola group is at the forefront of the digital transformation: the group's digital transformation and innovation programme will have an investment of over 1 billion euros between 2018 and 2022 for the design of a new Global Information Technology (IT) Security and Cybersecurity Plan.

This plan considers digitalisation to be one of the keys to successfully facing the future energy scenario. The application and implementation of new technologies is changing not only work processes but also the relationship between users and the products and services they require. The enormous possibilities opened up by the personalised interpretation of consumer needs or habits have turned the customer-company dialogue upside down.

Iberdrola's 2018-2022 strategic plan is in complete harmony with the three fundamental vectors of the transformation process that the energy sector is currently undergoing: decarbonisation, which involves a strong process of electrification of the economy; technological advances, which are making it possible to reduce costs and create new business opportunities; and greater consumer connectivity, which gives it a greater prominence and capacity for interaction.

At Iberdrola we are efficiently and comprehensively applying knowledge and digital operation to create smart solutions:

  • The Internet of Things to improve occupational safety with sensors in protective equipment.
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality to display danger alerts in maintenance zones.
  • Artificial Intelligence to achieve excellence in customer service.
  • Blockchain to secure electronic transactions and smart meters against cyberattacks.
  • Machine learning to optimise telephone assistance.
  • Digital analysis methods to generate knowledge to support the Distribution, Renewables and Commercial businesses.

The company will also continue to support disruptive ideas in the energy sector through its 70 million euros PERSEO International Startup program. The aim of this initiative — in which 55 million euros has already been invested — is to facilitate Iberdrola's access to the technologies of the future and to promote the creation and development of a global and dynamic ecosystem of technology companies and entrepreneurs in the electricity sector.

Iberdrola Perseo International Startup Program.

Thanks to the group's strong commitment to innovation, Iberdrola is today the most innovative utility in Spain, the third in Europe and the fourth in the world in terms of resources allocated to R&D, according to the European Commission's classification.